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Advancing smart schools

The school of tomorrow starts today. Equip your educational facility with the latest learning innovations from PPDS including interactive classroom displays, digital signage for student notices, wayfinding solutions, and versatile connectivity for on-site and distance learning classes.


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Hybrid learning versatility

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Class of 2022 – a day in the life of the digital student

Of course, just like every customer, every student is different. While a whole class of students will have been party to exactly the same lesson in a classroom, every one of them will take a slightly different picture away. That’s what makes us all interesting. That’s what makes collaborative interactive technology interesting, too. Enabling students to take the bigger picture, and both work on and share it from their unique perspective.

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Collaboration in the classroom – paying attention to whole school learning

The whole school assembly. This can an uplifting and inspiring experience that many students and teachers have, historically, looked forward to weekly. Similarly, whole school events, such as performances, maths challenges, inter curricular activities and more, are enjoyed across the year groups, giving students the opportunity to join and be one as a complete cohort.

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Designed for education

Elevate your classes with the latest innovations from PPDS.

22 Android Hospitality Hotel Reception

Powered by Android

Android-powered Philips professional displays are fast, versatile and easy to navigate. All displays are optimized for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. Automatic updates ensure apps stay up to date.

Multi-touch technology

Create a memorable interactive experience with up to 10 touchpoints at the same time. Perfect for collaborative and competitive applications, this display connects your audience with any content – making it ideal for education, public venues, corporate, hospitality, and retail settings. This multi-touch display is also enabled with automatic touch recognition and a HID compliant USB connector for true plug-and-play operation.

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