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Direct view LED displays

Experience total creative freedom with limitless Philips direct view LED displays, allowing you to combine as many displays as you like to form custom shapes of any size.


For high end presentation in corporate environments

Philips L-Line 9000 series

Your masterpiece display, the Philips 9000 Series direct view LED combines the very best in quality components to deliver whites, blacks, color and contrast, texture and speed with no compromise. The ultimate presentation wall for your corporate content and business results.

Philips L-Line 9000 Series
HOSPITALITY - Hotel Lobby Leisure - LED

A limitless display for your public venues

Philips L-Line 8000 series

No limits. No boundaries. Designed for longer viewing distances, the Philips 8000 Series direct view LED delivers infinite possibilities. Seamless linking, beveled-edge options and multiple pixel pitches enable a truly unique display, shaped and sized for exhilarating results in public venues.

Philips L-Line 8000 Series

Infinite retail possibilities

Philips L-Line 7000 Series

Go with the flow and shape up for optimal retail results with the dynamic Philips 7000 Series direct view LED. Low energy consumption, color, contrast, corners and curves are all catered for with this vibrant display, delivering high bright and higher bright to inspire sales in any lighting environment.

Philips L-Line 7000 Series
LED 7000 series go with the flow shop 1

The ultimate large size presentation display in corporate environments

Philips L-Line 6000 Series

Display content as its meant to be seen, taking videowall versatility to the next level with the Philips 6000 Series direct view LED. Presenting whites and blacks perfectly for a crystal clear performance and inspired business vision in your meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and lobbies.

Philips L-Line 6000 Series
LED 6000_lifestyle
PPDS21_LED_CAMP_1903x680px_Visual C

Let's team up for LED

Engineering the future of direct view LED displays

Bring trusted quality, proven efficiency and total versatility together with our global support.

The PPDS LED configurator makes it easy to design and deploy a tailored display setup across your entire business.

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