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Philips L-Line 6000 Series

Display content as its meant to be seen, taking videowall versatility to the next level with the Philips 6000 Series direct view LED. Presenting whites and blacks perfectly for a crystal clear performance and inspired business vision in your meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and lobbies.

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Your true value 16:9 LED display solution

The Philips 6000 Series fits the bigger picture wherever a 16:9 display is needed.

Key advantages

Why choose a Philips 6000 Series direct view LED?

Extending lifetime

With brightness levels that outstrip the competition, your LED display can be fine-tuned to suit its surroundings. Decreasing the brightness when its not needed will help you to extend the lifetime of your display, bringing cost of ownership even lower, too.

Easier installation

With four modules instead of eight in each cabinet, and a locking system that avoids tortions during fitting, Philips direct view LED installation can be fast and hassle free.

Die cast aluminium cabinets

Housed in die cast aluminium, Philips direct view LED cabinets are designed to allow for better heat dissipation, as well as improved fire retardancy.

Philips 6000 Series direct view LED

Your true value, 16:9 direct view LED solution

Feature rich, the benefits speak for themselves


Front-access LED modules

Internal electronics are easy to access for servicing or maintenance. Each of the eight LED modules in a cabinet can be removed using a dedicated magnetic JIG tool, which lifts the module out from the front.

Certified fire retardancy

Fire retardant design slows down the spread of flames in the event of fire. Tested and certified with British standard (BS476), B1 DIN4102, and UL94.

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Optimal picture quality

Superior depths of black and colour, matched only by the clearest, crispest resolution. With perfection in the detail, each panel’s calibration settings can be customised for wall-to-edge correction.

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Flexible mounting

The size and complexity of your installation are all taken care of with a Philips direct view LED, with mounting solutions that enable easy installation, configuration and servicing.

Active Health Monitoring

Active Health Monitoring makes maintenance and parts replacement predictable, fast and efficient, pinpointing the problem and its location in real time. Working both on- and offline – a must-have solution for display owners with multiple locations.

High performance displays

Achieve perfection through precision. Quality and performance go hand-in-hand with Philips professional displays designed, manufactured, calibrated and thoroughly tested in-house.

Factory calibrated

Calibrated in our factory under perfect conditions, Philips direct view LED installations are more efficient, with no need for on-site calibration. For fast and effective maintenance, all configuration files are available online.


The ultimate large size presentation display in corporate environments

When you need to size up beyond a LCD display, and when size and impact matter for your meeting results, let Philips 6000 Series direct view LED expand.

Extending into every industry

Presenting a true value for money solution, with power saving and sustainability, as well as fire safety, all locked in, the Philips 6000 Series is a fit for every industry. For broadcast, public venues, control rooms and education. Wherever a 16:9 ratio display is required, Philips 6000 Series direct view LED delivers.

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Compare LCD capabilities with the capacity of a LED display. There are endless possibilities…

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The PPDS LED Configurator makes it easy to design and deploy a tailored display setup across your entire business.

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