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Mission critical reliability

Fine detail, perfect colours and crisp, clear content are brought firmly into focus with Philips professional displays.


Delivering critical content clearly

Enhanced performance

Enabling the team with larger-than-life detail for faster and more informed decision-making.

Operational efficiency

FailOver ensures that backup content is immediately available in case of a primary source outage.

Real time control

Android enables live information and custom integrations all via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Optimised efficiency

Critical hubs controlling whole city infrastructure, international air spaces, global transportation, or security operations, control rooms depend on displays that deliver on reliability, always-on functionality, crisp and clear colour and picture quality, connectivity and versatile and intuitive user experiences.

Seamless and secure

Whether a larger-than-life videowall or creatively shaped LED wall, a touch screen or an ultra HD digital display, Philips professional displays deliver seamless and secure solutions that can be configured to operate with no downtime, for optimised operations in busy environments.



Designed for control rooms

Enhance control room productivity with the latest innovations from PPDS.

22 Android Hospitality Hotel Reception

Powered by Android

Android-powered Philips professional displays are fast, versatile and easy to navigate. All displays are optimized for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. Automatic updates ensure apps stay up to date.

Multi-touch technology

Create a memorable interactive experience with up to 10 touchpoints at the same time. Perfect for collaborative and competitive applications, this display connects your audience with any content – making it ideal for education, public venues, corporate, hospitality, and retail settings. This multi-touch display is also enabled with automatic touch recognition and a HID compliant USB connector for true plug-and-play operation.

Studio 22HFL2869P Image


From waiting room to meeting room, never show a blank screen. FailOver lets your Philips professional display switch automatically between primary and secondary inputs, ensuring that content keeps playing even if the primary source goes down. Simply set a list of alternative inputs to be sure your business is always on.


CMND & Control

Run your display network over a local (LAN or RF) connection. CMND & Control allows you to perform vital functions like updating software and settings, as well as monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one TV or more, CMND & Control makes managing your fleet easy.

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