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Optimize your store

With the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail, all the insights you need to optimise your staff levels, store design, waiting time, impulse purchases, and much more are at your fingertips. Discover how data can enhance your store’s performance.

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Make better decisions driven by analytics and AI

  • You want to have all the data to optimize your store's performance?
  • You need to reduce waiting times and increase customer satisfaction?
  • You need to increase sales?
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With the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail, you have all the right tools to do so.


Data you can trust


Focus on the details that matter and improve your ROI


Better service means happier customers and higher sales

Gaining in-depth store performance analytics to help reach your goals

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Solution components

Discover below what components are necessary to implement this type of solution

Philips P-Line

High-quality displays, with excellent color fidelity and a robust but slim frame. They work with any conventional mounting solution. Displays are available in sizes from 42 inches up to 65 inches.

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Navori Labs QL digital signage software

Navori Labs QL is used to create, deploy, and play content on all displays, it is optimized for retailers running tens of thousands of digital signs.

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Aquaji software

Navori Labs Aquaji is an AI-driven computer vision software that analyzes video feeds from cameras strategically located within your physical spaces. Aquaji produces anonymous marketing data and comparable metrics based on foot-traffic data and people’s physical features. The results are delivered in an intuitive and fully-featured dashboard that you can access from any web browser.

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Advantech was founded in 1981, and is a leading provider of technologies including embedded computing, industrial automation, and intelligent retail solutions. Advantech provides the SDM-L (Smart Display Module Large) compute platform powered by Intel technology.



Intel hardware provides a powerful backbone upon which the solution is built: Intel® Core™ processors are designed to support low-power, high-performance applications at the edge. Intel® Movidius™ VPUs are designed specifically to accelerate computer vision and AI inference workloads at the edge. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit can be used to optimize existing trained AI models for improved AI performance at the edge – an example being Navori’s Aquaji OpenVINO-optimized AI software, which delivers such optimized AI performance.
In other words, Intel enables the solution to be accessed and managed remotely as long as the unit has power and an internet connection.


Any USB or IP Camera

The solution is compatible with any USB-based camera. The SDM module provides a USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) interface to support this. The number of cameras required will depend on your needs:
Would you like to count foot traffic only? Would you be interested in the length of stay as well? How many entrances/exits does your store have?


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