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Lecture and presentation solution

Take your lectures and presentations to the next level. Philips LED wall and Philips T-Line put you in full control with an awe-inspiring display solution that gives your content the attention it deserves. Customize your LED wall to fit any space or size, then bring your classes to life by making live content annotations via an interactive touch-screen.


Think big and go bigger

You present to large audiences and need everybody to see your content?

You struggle with keeping the attention span of your students?

Your content is all digital and you need an interactive lesson to keep students engaged?


Impressive from any angle


Give your content the attention it needs


Create an interactive presentation that keeps students engaged


Bring your story to life and inspire higher learning
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Solution components

Discover below what components are necessary to implement this type of solution


Experience total creative freedom with the limitless LED Display, which allows you to combine as many displays as you like to form a custom shape of any size.

Direct view LED displays


Create a classroom that revels in learning. The Philips T-Line awakens curiosity and inspires imagination to help you teach students across all disciplines. Featuring multi-touch technology and whiteboard mode, this innovative touch-screen enhances education.

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