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Academic branding

Keep morale up and students proud. With a Philips LED wall, you can create a genuine wow effect throughout your campus by prominently displaying your branded content, motto, and insignia throughout your school, university or college.


Make a strong impression

You want to increase your brand visibility?

You want to impress students with your content?

You want to attract more student registrations?


Catch the attention of all students


Gain the attention of your current and potential students


A modern feel to fit the new age of education


Trigger the imagination with a vibrant visual experience
2021-04-18 GSG_Philips_049

Solution components

It's simple! you only need 1 component, see below

LED Displays

Experience total creative freedom with the limitless LED Display, which allows you to combine as many displays as you like to form a custom shape of any size.

Direct view LED displays

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