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Inspire students and bring out their best. PPDS enables teachers to create collaborative lessons that evoke critical thinking, limitless creativity, and genuine student engagement. Using mixed-media and interactive displays keeps your courses fun, relevant, and memorable for top-class results.


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Class of 2022 – a day in the life of the digital student

Of course, just like every customer, every student is different. While a whole class of students will have been party to exactly the same lesson in a classroom, every one of them will take a slightly different picture away. That’s what makes us all interesting. That’s what makes collaborative interactive technology interesting, too. Enabling students to take the bigger picture, and both work on and share it from their unique perspective.

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Delivering a world of difference in a classroom display

Philips T-Line interactive displays have the power to transform traditional teaching and learning. Franck Trossen, PPDS International Account Director, tells us more.

With the education technology market predicted to more than double in value to $40.9 billion by 2022, the role of technology in classrooms has not only become an essential component for education, it is also a key decision maker for parents and students when selecting their school, college or university.

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