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Secure and reliable IT integration

Smart connectivity fused with advanced security. PPDS delivers a fast and smooth experience with versatile IT integration options to keep students and teachers connected whilst ensuring the safety of student and curricula data. Our expert knowledge and quality products also mean you’ll get extended longevity for your tailored choice.

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Dependable tailored solutions

Secure connectivity

Seamless operation

Scalable innovations

Setting up the classroom for hybrid learning

Teaching a hybrid class. Sounds easy? You’d be mistaken! With a mix of students in the classroom and some working remotely, to be able to carry out a hybrid lesson successfully, teachers need to balance proven teaching methods with modern tech, and to make sure the messages they want to convey work in person and over the wire (or the air!)


Collaboration in the classroom – paying attention to whole school learning

The whole school assembly. This can an uplifting and inspiring experience that many students and teachers have, historically, looked forward to weekly. Similarly, whole school events, such as performances, maths challenges, inter curricular activities and more, are enjoyed across the year groups, giving students the opportunity to join and be one as a complete cohort.

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