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Admira solutions for smart digital signage and audience analytics

Philips products are Certified Hardware by Admira, the leading smart digital signage and audience analytics solution.
Boost your business with Admira tools for customer research, facility management and advertising campaigns on PPDS devices.

Admira solutions for smart digital signage and audience analytics
Amira Plataforma Admira


Advantech's corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. With more than 8000 employees worldwide and a 38 year track record the company is a global leader in the fields of AIoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of AIoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech provides AIoT hard- and software solutions as building-blocks to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains.



Software for Remote Management of Digital Contents



Crestron Connected® equips corporate spaces with a fast, reliable and secure enterprise level solution for complete tech and office equipment automation.

PPDS takes the possibilities further with a comprehensive range of Crestron Connected® certified v2.0 Philips professional displays—powering enterprise and unified communications platforms across all modern workplaces.



Digital Signage experience platform for the digitization of workspaces that enables to centralise the visual communications from any device.

Deneva Solution
Deneva DNV_001

DS Templates

DS Templates makes professional content available to everyone! DS Templates is a, hybrid, web-based digital signage CMS with ready-to-use professional templates. DS Templates can be combined with other signage systems or stand alone.

DS Templates offers customization, integrations and corporate identity content.

Choose, edit and publish.

DS Templates
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Our Philips products are Certified Hardware by GoBright, user-friendly, cloud-based platform for Room, Desk & Visitor Management and Digital Signage solutions.

GoBright solutions


Your content, on any screen, at any time, from anywhere.

Greenplayer (4)


Powering IoT Solutions for Retail Markets.

retail_supermarket linked


Combine our Philips professional displays with Logitech solutions to provide amazing and easy video conferencing experiences to your guests and employees.

Logitech - Video conferencing solutions
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MDT Medientechnick

The scalable and user-friendly premium CMS for your digital business solution.

Performed by Experience and Perfection

MDT Medientechnik


We digitize physical spaces to boost communication and processes.


NAVORI LABS for Digital Signage

Solutions for any digital signage application

QL Software includes everything you need to create, deploy, and play any type of content on any type of digital signage display or media player


NAVORI LABS for Marketing Analytics

Business Intelligence Software using Computer Vision in the physical world

NAVORI LABS for Marketing Analytics


Scalable cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to display content where it matters.


PADS4 Airport

Create a better passenger experience at your airport

PADS4 Airport
Module 1

PADS4 Corporate

Smart Digital Building Platform

Optimize the user experience throughout your buildings with PADS4 and our Philips certified hardware. One platform for room booking, desk management, and data driven digital signage with support of IoT devices.

PADS4 Corporate
PADS4 Smart digital Building Platform Image

PLAYipp Information Solution

Reach further with digital and engaging communication. PLAYipp is the team that believes in digital communication. We are certain more can take part in, engage in and value the communication if it reaches the right person at the right moment. Therefore we do just that on our client's terms.

PLAYipp Information Solution
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Tailoradio – Retail sounds different

Digital Signage, Multi-sensoriality, AV system installation, Proximity Marketing, In Store Radio and Traffic Analytics, for a new and involving shopping experience.

Tailoradio – Retail sounds different

TDM Signage

A Dutch leading “next generation” cloud-based digital signage provider with more than 10 years experience and deployments world-wide. Thanks to the TDM web-based designer you can create your own signage content easily and publish it on your displays within minutes.

TDM Signage
TDM L-Line_Decision making_Board room

Telelogos solutions

Our Philips products are Certified Hardware by Telelogos, software editor specialized in Digital Media and Connected Devices.

Telelogos solutions

Tiger meeting room

Your affordable high-end solution with a perpetual license model. The most advanced meeting room booking management products on the market and yet simple to use.



Mounting systems for digital displays in school buildings

Digitalisation in education means that more and more displays are being used in school buildings. Think digiboards, interactive desks, touchscreens and other digital displays.


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