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Think fresh

Fresh air inspires fresh ideas. Introducing the PPDS Air Quality Sensor to keep workspaces and campuses safe, healthy, and productive with real-time sensor monitoring of indoor air quality shown directly on your Philips professional display.


Healthy air control


Measure air quality with real-time monitoring of room temperature, humidity, CO2 and pollution levels via a plug and play sensor.


View critical indoor air quality data on your Philips displays in real-time to keep rooms safe and healthy for all.


Real-time data of air quality allows you to take immediate action by either opening a window, ventilating the room, or switching spaces.

Safer for all

PPDS Air Quality Sensor keeps your team and guests healthy. This easy to install indoor air quality sensor is designed to improve the overall wellbeing, health and safety of everybody in workspaces, classrooms, and wherever you have multiple people gathered with ambient monitoring and data analytics.

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Monitor indoor air quality and stay safe

Airborne viruses are now an everyday reality. That’s why it’s more important than ever to monitor indoor air quality to ensure the health and safety of work environments and classrooms. PPDS Air Quality Sensor is a simple solution that ensures you can return to the workplace or the classroom safely by monitoring, alerting and reporting on indoor air quality. This innovative solution integrates effortlessly with Philips T-Line (10”) and Philips Q-Line (32” and 55” models) professional displays. ​


How indoor air quality impacts your environment

Temperature: How hot or cold your space is has an impact on virus infection rates, and can also influence performance in classrooms and workplaces

Humidity: Virus particles can remain highly infectious in humidity levels below 30% and above 55%

Carbon dioxide: CO2 levels provide an excellent insight into the air quality and ventilation of workspaces and classrooms

Particulate matter: Higher levels of particle pollution can lead to higher levels of infections, but also other viral illnesses


Safer office spaces, meeting rooms and classrooms

Safer, smarter, and effortless. PPDS Air Quality Sensor provides you with the​ tools you need to adjust the indoor air quality of office spaces, meeting rooms, and classrooms. With full visibility of the temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and particulate matter in your immediate space, you’re always in full control to adjust and improve your ambient conditions.

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Plug and play

There’s nothing to it, simply plug in the PPDS Air Quality Sensor, launch the app, and your Philips T-Line or Q-Line will automatically start monitoring your air quality

Real-time data

Monitor the conditions of your indoor air quality in real-time and view your 7-day history directly on your Philips display

Air quality sensor

The PPDS Air Quality Sensor monitors the air quality of your workspace or classroom and automatically alerts you when rooms need to be ventilated

Wellbeing Index

The indoor air quality index, along with individual sensor data such as temperature, humidity, particle matter, and carbon dioxide levels can all be easily viewed on your Philips display

One-cable connection

Connecting the PPDS Air Quality Sensor is simple, with a direct USB connection that plugs straight into your Philips professional TV

Take action

Live air quality data allows you to take immediate action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everybody in the room by opening a window, activating your ventilation system, or switching spaces

Monitor multi-room air quality and receive alerts

Coming soon!

PPDS Air Quality Sensor offers a central, cloud-based dashboard of all ​of the sensors within your building, or in multiple locations, with complete historical data and advanced​ reporting capabilities. ​All sensors in multiple locations are presented in one single overview with central alerting. An indefinite archive of historical data can be used for extensive reporting and data analytics. All of this is accessible anywhere and anytime.

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Integrated software

Coming soon!

PPDS Air Quality Sensor comes with pre-installed software designed for your environment. Choose between EDU Studio for educational settings or BIZ Studio for workplaces. The intuitive software keeps you in full control of your air quality in an instant.

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Air quality control compatible

Connect this Philips professional display to the optional PPDS Air Quality Sensor to monitor the indoor air quality of your workplace or classroom and keep everybody safe and healthy. Ambient monitoring and data analytics put you in full control.

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