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Collaborating solution

Your recommended solution is ready. Combine the Philips C-Line display with a Logitech video conferencing solution, Interact and Crestron Connected® certified solution to keep the focus on business objectives.

Ready to solve these concerns within your corporate space?

  • You wish you had taken a picture of your last brainstorm in the meeting room before someone erased the board?
  • You created a nice draft of a strategic plan on a whiteboard, and wish you could send it to your team for feedback with just one click?
  • You need a display that runs directly on Windows?
  • One part of your staff sits remote but you want to work together on one document?
  • We’ve tailored the perfect solution for you, including all the hardware and software you need from Philips and our preferred partners. Your recommendation is listed below. Want more info? Get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

Philips C-Line touchscreen display combined with Logitech, Interact and Crestron Connected® certified solution


creativity and maximise collaboration


team productivity and efficiency


a premium user experience
Philips C-Line

Collaborate smarter and bring the team together

Inspire a new wave of productivity. The Philips C-Line delivers advanced business enhancing features to support your team in creating their best work. Designed for future-focused settings, this revolutionary display combines a flush design with an edge-to-edge glass front, multi-touch technology and whiteboard mode,

  • Brainstorms, think tanks, conceptual innovation sessions,
  • Write, draw, move and shape things live on screen,
  • Cast any device to the larger display.
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Video conferencing with Logitech Rally Family

Logitech is raising the bar with its next generation portfolio of appliance and PC-based solutions for better video meetings in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

To make video conferencing easier than ever before, Logitech solutions work with today’s leading video conferencing services (Teams and Zoom certified).

The Logitech® Rally family of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems are easy to use, easy to install and simple to manage.

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Wireless presenting solution

Interact is a full-featured multi-screen interactive software designed for casting, wireless display and remote control between mobile devices (such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and large displays.

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Complete control

Our Philips C-Line Display is Crestron Connected v2.0 certified. This enables you to optimise your corporate operations with seamless, scalable, and secure network integration for automated control of connected devices including tech and smart office equipment. Powered by one of our preferred partner, Crestron.

Crestron Connected® provides fast, secure, and reliable corporate integration that can play scheduled content when displays are not in use to strengthen internal branding,

Switch displays on and off, schedule content, manage settings, and easily connect external devices,

Automatic control of computer and mobile tech, displays, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, and more,

Full remote control via your laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

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