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Global service, brought together for you

The GPA delivers confidence and a seamless service, maximising your business potential, internationally


Building business together with the Global Partner Alliance – our mission

At PPDS, our proven product range is matched only by our own service standards – all highly sought after by our international customer base. Enabling consistent integrations everywhere across the globe has never been easier than with PPDS.

Building on our ‘total solutions’ strategy, as well as our strategic software and complementary hardware solutions partners, we have established a network of trusted integration partners with the skills, knowledge and experience of every market in which you need to build your display solutions – ready for you to draw upon whenever and wherever.

A warm welcome to you from our Global Partner Alliance.


Extending business advantages for you – our vision

Our Global Partner Alliance extends the service and support that we can deliver for you – our international customers.

Drawing upon our extensive portfolio of Philips professional display products and tailored solutions developed with our strategic software and complementary hardware partners, the GPA, powered by our International customer support team, is on hand to provide an installation and warranty support service that stretches across the globe.


Your selection of the very best

Global Partner Alliance partners are selected and invited based on their capabilities and certifications, as well as their business model and relationship with PPDS. This mutually beneficial relationship sets the foundation in which international customer support opportunities and global projects are managed, positioned and supported.

The results? Across the globe, our customers have complete peace of mind and confidence to build their business, drawing upon our collective capabilities, paired with an incredible geographic reach.


Incredible benefit and opportunities

“Tailoradio’s engagement in the Global Partner Alliance has provided us with the incredible benefit of being able to further our relationship with PPDS while we affiliate ourselves with a program that has worldwide reach and immense opportunities in the co-development and presentation of our capabilities and solutions.”

Massimo Petrella, CEO Tailoradio e One Vision


Our PPDS International customer support team members are on hand together with the GPA – from proposal through to post-sales service.


Confidence is key for our international customers. Our GPA community ensures consistency and quality across all PPDS territories.


GPA partners have the skills and expertise to deliver the highest standards in technical support and service - wherever the customer needs it.

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