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Control and monitor solution

Your recommended solution is ready. Combine the Philips L-Line LED display with our preferred partners solutions to take your content to the next level and keep the focus on business objectives.


It is time to solve the following concerns within your corporate space:

• You need your displays operational around the clock?

• You cannot afford any downtime?

• You need uniformity for reliable content comparison and analysis?

• You would like to share privately and securely information to your employees?

We’ve tailored the perfect solution for you, your recommendation is listed below.



all details are under control


picture quality with completely seamless linking


a unique custom design of any shape or size

Philips L-Line LED display

Unleash your imagination

Fuel their imagination with a seamless custom display. With the Philips L-Line LED display, the possibilities are endless. The bezel-free design, wide viewing angle, and incredible brightness ensure authoritative imaging.

• Perfect picture clarity

• Ultra-high brightness even at wide viewing angles

• Superb image quality and perfect uniformity

• Ultra-high refresh rate for smooth, judder-free images

Philips L-Line 9000 Series

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PHILIPS 32:9 SuperWide curved LCD display

Wide open possibilities

Award-winning 49" curved 32:9 SuperWide display is like two full-size high-performance monitors in one. Get fluid, artefact-free performance at virtually any frame rate with Adaptive-Sync technology, smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time.

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