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Philips L-Line 9000 series

No limits. No boundaries. Philips L-Line is a direct view LED signage solution designed for infinite possibilities. Seamless linking and multiple sizes enable a truly unique display of any shape and dimension for exhilarating results.

Ready for impact

Aesthetic beauty meets versatile design. The latest Philips LED solutions will keep you ahead of the game. From fast-motion video to static imagery, on-screen communication comes to life with incredibly vibrant colors and ultra-high brightness.

Better still, an innovative bezel-free design makes Philips LED solutions perfect for linking multiple units to form a seamless videowall of any size. Get ready for maximum impact with a custom fit-out that will have audiences captivated and engaged

Philips LED solutions: the next level in digital signage

Unleash your imagination

Optimal picture quality

A picture says a thousand words. Which is why every piece of content deserve the clearest, crispest resolution possible when displayed on-screen. Philips LED delivers superior depths of black and high-brightness color levels for optimal performance. As perfection is in the details, each panel’s calibration settings can be customized for wall-to-edge correction.

Display configurations

Building a better display is easier than ever. All the components you need are included in an easy-to-use kit comprising cables, controllers, bezels, and standard ratios in FHD and UHD. Kits come in an option of sizes from 110” to 880” to help create the perfect display, and which also includes edge-finishing. Kits are available in pre-defined display configurations for ready-to-go installations.

Trusted partners

The PPDS Academy ensures that all LED partners are personally trained product experts. That means only the best Solution Architects and Technicians are certified to become Premium Partners for Philips LED installations. Better yet, all of our LED products are EMC-Class B, CE-UL, and European TÜV approved.

LED display control

We’ve partnered with Novastar, a trusted global leader in display controllers, to bring the very best in LED channels. This ensures an optimal experience including scaling, multiple video inputs, FHD and UHD controllers, and channels ranging from 6 up to 16 with superior quality.

Flexible mounting

Mounting a regular screen on the wall is a relatively easy job. However, LED installations do require some special considerations. The size of a screen as well as the complexity of the design are all taken care of with Philips to deliver an optimized installation and configuration that can be easily serviced. In every custom solution, expect slim panels, engineered heat dissipation, front panel access and the elegance of a bezel-free design.

Optimal service

We take pride in the reputation of providing quality services, solutions, and personal attention to each and every customer whenever needed. From pick up and return warranties to after-sale calibration services. Going above and beyond the industry expectations in support and inclusions is just another reason why Philips is ahead of the game.

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