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Philips Tableaux

Open² power down energy consumption with Philips Tableaux ePaper displays.


Technology for a sustainable future

Philips Tableaux opens a new era of display technology, delivering power-free digital signage to businesses everywhere. Using zero power to show static images in a stunning 60,000 colours indefinitely. And needing only super low power to swap to a new image.


Power-free digital display boards

Versatility and sustainability meld into one with Philips Tableaux ePaper displays. Whether used to digitise paper-based signage, or to replace current digital models with ultra clear, easily updatable technology, these game-changing displays deliver - needing no power to show content, and only super low power when you are swapping it out.

For every industry, including retail environments, cafes, restaurants, bars or QSRs, transportation hubs, or public venues, and in any space with limited power supply options, Philips Tableaux bring flexibility to your display fleet. With no need for a nearby power supply to deliver promotions and advertising, important information, menus, and more.

Tableaux product image

Your ‘zero power’ Philips Tableaux Advanced Colour ePaper (ACeP) signage display

24/7 vivid content, without using a single kilowatt of electricity while your image remains unchanged.

key advantages

Why choose a Philips Tableaux ePaper display?

Operational brilliance

Full colour display, sunlight readable and antiglare, with no backlight required

Sustainable performance

With an Android SoC delivering versatile solutions and secure remote management options

Future-proof technology

Saving on energy, time and waste, and delivering on ROI with the lowest cost of ownership

A multi-award winner across the continents

Philips Tableaux


Technology for a sustainable future

Developing technology for your sustainable business future – power-free, waste-free colourful paper poster replacements.

Android-powered Philips professional displays are flexible and secure, delivering on the latest features and functionality, ensuring display specs stay up-to-the-moment for longer.


Easy content loading

Philips Tableaux brings you the most Advanced Colour ePaper signage, displaying content in 60,000 colours, including blue, for an eye-catching picture, and clear, confident messaging.

With 16GB of internal memory built in, you only need to plug into a power source to upload new static content - via USB, LAN or WiFi connection - for instant play.


Low to no power consumption

Perfect for environments without close access to power, Philips Tableaux are ultimately portable. Position and reposition them, displaying colourful static content in the same way as your paper posters, but without the wasted natural resources, and without the wasted time.

Only requiring a power connection when loading new content, whether remotely or on the spot.


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