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11 P-Line Corporate Meeting


Advantech's corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. With more than 8000 employees worldwide and a 38 year track record the company is a global leader in the fields of AIoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of AIoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech provides AIoT hard- and software solutions as building-blocks to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains.


DEEL Media

DEEL, founded in 2009 by industry veterans, has consistently led the way in digital signage and retail innovation. Our comprehensive suite of services includes consultancy, creative design, installation, content management, and premium live support. DEEL solutions are powered by our enterprise-class Carbon platform, in collaboration with Philips Professional Displays, ensuring effortless integration with any data source for dynamic, scalable, and real-time merchandising.



Crestron Connected® equips corporate spaces with a fast, reliable and secure enterprise level solution for complete tech and office equipment automation.

PPDS takes the possibilities further with a comprehensive range of Crestron Connected® certified v2.0 Philips professional displays—powering enterprise and unified communications platforms across all modern workplaces.



Powering IoT Solutions for Retail Markets. Intel® hardware and software technologies provide a powerful backbone upon which digital signage solutions are built.

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Combine our Philips professional displays with Logitech solutions to provide amazing and easy video conferencing experiences to your guests and employees.

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NAVORI LABS for Digital Signage

Solutions for any digital signage application

QL Software includes everything you need to create, deploy, and play any type of content on any type of digital signage display or media player


NAVORI LABS for Marketing Analytics

Business Intelligence Software using Computer Vision in the physical world



Compatible with all Philips SoC displays, NoviSign gives you all the tools you need to reliably create, edit, and manage the content being displayed on your screens.

NoviSign Award-Winning Digital Signage


With a 25 year history of API-first development, Signagelive is a Top 5 established cloud-based digital signage platform. Signagelive super-powers your Philips displays with our optimized Android HTML5 media engine which is used daily by over 1,700 networks worldwide. The combined Philips / Signagelive SoC display solution delivers a one-two punch of enterprise-class functionality, security, performance, and remote management.



Transform your Philips Professional Displays into powerful marketing and communication tools with Skykit’s suite of digital signage and workplace experience software. Our infinitely scalable solutions allow businesses of all sizes to quickly create, schedule and display content with the click of a mouse.


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