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Evolving the guest experience: travelers today demand more than just a comfortable bed.

The guest experience and overall guest satisfaction are paramount to the success of any hotel. An excellent guest satisfaction score aids in repeat stays, has a positive cascade effect on brand reputation, and boosts online review reputation. However, making guests happy is more complex than a clean, comfortable room and a friendly staff.

Today's travelers are more demanding, and in post-pandemic environment hoteliers are faced with the challenge of meeting guests' expectations while juggling operational challenges and labor shortages.

Technology, from in-room Wi-Fi to keyless entry and guest service chat apps to guests' entertainment options, all rank high as considerations when selecting a hotel. No longer are hotel guests satisfied with cable television and a few premium channels like HBO or Showtime. In fact, the most recent Nielsen The Gauge report showed that streaming had outpaced cable regarding our viewing habits. With 85 percent of US households having a video/streaming subscription service*, guests want easy access to their favorite streaming channels like apple TV+, Netflix, or Hulu when traveling, especially in their hotel rooms

Simply put, streaming is a large part of how we watch TV; guests want to enjoy the same shows they do at home when they travel. For example, the World Cup kicks off this month, and while some matches will be broadcast on Fox Sports, many matches will be on the premium channel FS1, and all matches will be streamed on Peacock and Peacock Premium. Likewise, the NFL heats up as it heads toward the playoffs, but some games are only available locally or on a streaming platform.

Hotels with a casting solution can consistently deliver the entertainment their guest wants because the guest can easily cast it from their app on their device to the TV. Furthermore, this eliminates the guesswork and expense to the hotel owner of trying to determine the best services to subscribe to because what is in demand is ALWAYS changing.

The industry is starting to recognize this, with major hotel brands updating their technology requirements to include a casting solution in future installations.

Fortunately, there is an all-in-one solution. Philips MediaSuite is the only hospitality TV to offer casting right out of the box with Chromecast built-in. At the touch of a button, guests can wirelessly cast movies, TV shows, music, photos, and even presentations, stored or accessible via their smart device (mobile, laptop, tablet), directly to the TV, in up to 4K resolution. There are now over 10,000+ apps to choose from, including Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, with new services can be added remotely as and when they become available. This ensures these Android-powered Philips MediaSuite TVs are able to keep pace with guest demands into the future.

With Philips MediaSuite TVs designed for professional use, the Chromecast built-in™ solution also benefits from professional-grade security, with connections to the device severed and all data, such as account login information, immediately cleared and logged out upon checkout. This eliminates one more concern for hotel owners. In addition, onboard analytics, screen customization via a central source with Philips CMND, and the industry's best warranty make Philips Media Suite the obvious choice for delivering the ideal guest entertainment experience and meeting the hotel's needs.

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