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Pioneering more sustainable displays

Lowering power consumption. Reducing carbon footprints. Leading real change in AV technology for business.


Delivering savings for your business and for our planet

Not all displays are created equally. And that is especially true of displays with sustainability focused features. The product managers at PPDS have sustainability as a leading factor in all their research and development, so energy savings and environmentally conscious aspects are considered as a part of the core. So whether you are looking for solutions to support energy savings on your existing Philips Professional Displays, or if you would like to find out more about new and pioneering products that can deliver on super low - or even zero - power consumption, you are in the right place!

Zero power - Philips Tableaux ePaper displays

Philips Tableaux ePaper displays signal the dawn of a new era of signage technology for businesses everywhere. Using zero power to show full colour static images in a up to 65,000 colours indefinitely. And needing only super low power to swap to a new image.

Augmented with our Android SoC, these paper replacement displays are also ready for remote device management via our PPDS Wave ecosystem, providing an additional layer of savings when it comes to man hours required for content control as well.

Discover Philips Tableaux

Save energy, fuel and time with PPDS Wave

PPDS Wave is a cloud native remote device management (RDM) ecosystem that puts you securely and fully in control. Allowing you to integrate, install, manage, update and maintain your Philips professional display fleet devices, regardless of size, and from any location.

With remote device management comes measurable savings - allowing you to actively monitor and control your displays' brightness - and power down when not in use - for energy savings, to maintain proactively and remotely for fuel savings, all saving your business time as well.

Power your solutions with PPDS Wave

Half the energy consumption with the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign

Designed with manufacturing processes, physical features, materials, packaging, and built-in software that are kinder to the environment and deliver better energy efficiency, the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign display operates using less than half the power of its counterparts of the same size, while still delivering the same unrivalled, 4K UHD performance.

What is more, recognised by and registered with EPEAT with a Silver Climate+ Ecolabel, the display more than meets the robust set of criteria laid out by the world’s premier ecolabel for electronics.

Learn more about Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign

Modular repairability integrated within the Philips Signage 4650

The new, enhanced and feature-rich Philips Signage 4650 takes sustainability and versatility to the next level, delivering paramount picture performance for almost any indoor environment, together with modular, more easily updated and repaired design for extended product lifetimes.

Built to last and breaking new ground, this is the first Philips Professional Display to feature the company’s ‘dual architecture’ modular design. Making it more repairable, reusable and recyclable.

Discover the Philips Signage 4650 Modular display

Turn down the heat and tune in to lower energy with the Philips LED 6300

The latest in the Philips LED 6000 Series, these 6300 P0.95 dvLED displays are designed on ‘cool’ common cathode LEDs and feature dynamic power saving technology, significantly reducing power consumption and heat emissions, all while supporting state-of-the-art HDR10+ and 12-bit colours for the deepest visual experiences.

Designed with a range of power saving features, this dvLED display is designed to reduce energy consumption by an incredible 25% compared to other, conventional dvLED models.

Learn more about the Philips LED 6300

The Pro TV with extended lifetime - Philips MediaSuite

Designed on Android TV OS, the Philips MediaSuite can be updated with the latest software and features, bringing existing fleets up-to-date with the latest models as part of the PPDS ‘extended lifetime’ guarantee and reducing WEEE waste, as well.

With Google Cast, and Netflix ready, as well as access to the Google Play store and more, these advanced hospitality TVs do not require additional hardware - and the draw on energy and networks that come with them - to bring the best entertainment experiences to guests around the world.

Discover Philips MediaSuite

Open² display for the greater good

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