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Creating vision for the future, sustainably today

Sustainable business. Bringing balance with circularity, environmental action and community service.


Integrating sustainability into business

At PPDS we recognise that sustainability is about much more than words or short term actions. There are no limits and no end point for our sustainable vision. We are committed to making a difference, with our actions, as well as with our products, to ensure our business is sustainable into the long term. For our futures, together.

Learn more about our sustainability principles in our 2022 annual report

A circular approach

We take a more circular approach to business, creating products that are more sustainable from the moment they are conceived, through the manufacturing process, their delivery and installation, all the way to the end of their extended first life and beyond.

This holistic approach is encouraged across our own organisation, including our strategic partners. Empowering system integrators with solutions such as our Android SoC platform and extended lifetime, and continuing to fuel sustainability at the end of our products’ lifetimes through our finance options, allowing us to recycle them in areas where they are really needed.


Open² display for the greater good

Agile solutions development

Our global approach to business is supported by our agile approach to development and this allows us to react quickly to market needs and to innovate display solutions to meet them.

Our taskforces work collaboratively with our network of partners to create timely new solutions, such as PeopleCount – our award-winning safer social distancing display solution for public settings together with Bosch – the PPDS Air Quality Sensor – meeting new requirements for air quality monitoring in workspaces and classrooms – or our GuestConnect app – allowing hotel guests to control their in room TV from their own device.


Reducing resources used

From the amount of energy our products consume, through to the components they are made of and the type and amount of packaging that they arrive in, at PPDS we work tirelessly to continually monitor and modify where we can make a small difference that will work into a big impact. Our products are contained in reduced packaging, carefully calculated to minimise resources used and to maximise the number of products able to be loaded in any one shipment.

This helps to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising the safety of each display during transit and it reduces the levels of waste likely to be immediately disposed of. Philips professional displays are packaged in brown board boxes, with one colour only printing. This ethos is continued through the packaging of pre-production components, with finished products almost fully made of recyclable materials.


Extending technology lifetime

Basing our displays on an open Android SoC platform, and collaborating with software and hardware partners, we are dedicated to providing solutions that extend the lifetime of our products. Enabling regular updates of the firmware on a number of our displays, to bring the latest features and benefits to existing fleets, delivering better return on investment to our customers while reducing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE.

And our Philips direct view LED products are designed with supporting energy saving, as well, with options to turn down brightness levels, and low energy consumption built in.


Community support and volunteering

As a responsible, global organisation, our people are encouraged to support their local communities and causes close to their hearts, regularly taking part in activities to help others.

We are also committed to supporting our partners and customers, helping them to make a difference with their business, too. This takes shape in our partner program, as well as in the products we bring to market - from the extended lifetime of our Philips MediaSuite, to the low energy consumption of our Philips direct view LED displays.


Our circular approach to sustainability

We’re taking a circular approach to sustainability, ensuring it goes beyond product management and includes every aspect of our business and all our stakeholders. This isn’t about a strategy from the top. The results of our sustainability efforts affect us all, so it’s an inclusive approach that we’re all engaged and committed to, throughout PPDS.

Martijn van der Woude
Director of International Business Development PPDS

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