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CSR and volunteering

Supporting our local communities, making a difference on a global scale.

Leger des Heils Case Study 11 oktober 2021 - Melanie Lemahieu (37)

Supporting the world around us

As a responsible, global organisation, at PPDS we work to take an active role in the world that surrounds our business – within our local, regional and worldwide footprints, and across our AV industry.

We aim to match our CSR efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and specifically to those we have identified as areas in which we can make a real difference, including SDG 3 – Good health and wellbeing and SDG 4 – Quality education, SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production and SDG 13 – Climate action.

Learn more about our sustainable development goals in our 2022 annual report

Strengthening our support with TPV Cares

As a part of the TPV group, we believe in the power of technology to create amazing and meaningful experiences. Our products and our people are at the heart of all we do, and together we continuously explore ways to help people and communities reach their full potential – every single day.

In 2022 we launched TPV Cares, the home of our social and environmental impact initiatives.

Powered by the business units across our group, including AOC, MMD, and TP Vision, as well as here at PPDS, TPV Cares makes our AV products, as well as financial and volunteer support, available for deserving community projects.

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SDG 13 - climate action and SDG 4 - quality education

Cleaning up with Trash Turtles

Conscious that bringing displays to market without using any plastics at all is nearly impossible, cleaning up plastics - and other waste - is incredibly important. Impressed with the pioneering spirit of Trash Turtles - founded by Caymus Maxson in 2020 when she was just 10 years old - we have partnered with the organisation to support 'saving the planet one piece of trash at a time', championing education for young people as they go.

Trash Turtles image

SDG 3 - Good health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing with Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships deploys hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need. Together with our sister organisations we are supporting Mercy Ships to advance healthcare in the developing world, providing LFDs, monitors, headphones and soundbars for their training centre in Africa. These training centres have a big impact.

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Mercy ships

SDG 4 - Quality education

Displays for community education

Leger des Heils, the Dutch arm of the Salvation Army, has around 110 community centre rooms, located to best reach more vulnerable residents. Initially working with five of the community centres, the local team at PPDS reviewed the work carried out for those specific communities and specified displays that would best suit the support given to them. A fleet of Philips professional displays – including Android-powered, Wifi enabled, large format D-Lines and education-focused T-Line interactive displays – was donated and installed, together with brackets and trolleys donated by their partner organisation, Vögels.

Discover the case study here…
Leger des Heils Case Study 11 oktober 2021 - Melanie Lemahieu (53)

SDG 3 - Good health and wellbeing

Vision for the Eye Care Foundation

Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment. Nearly 90% of the world’s blind or visually-impaired population lives in low-income countries.

The Eye Care Foundation is an international charity completely focused on helping those for whom good medical care is inaccessible or unaffordable to prevent and cure avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

At PPDS, we are proud to support Eye Care Foundation in multiple activities around the world, to help people in developing countries to avoid preventable blindness and visual impairments, while striving to ensure the most comfortable and easy-on-the-eyes user experience ever to their users.

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PPDS people - making a difference

The energy our PPDS people give to making a difference, dedicating time, products and solutions for those in the AV community - those on our doorsteps, and further afield - is a source of great pride for us. Individually we make a difference, together we build a better future.

Stefan van Sabben, Global Director CSR and Sustainability

Volunteering PPDS people

We are always looking for new ways to make a difference in our AV community and beyond and our PPDS people are encouraged to volunteer for the causes they hold dear.

For instance, together with our colleagues across the TPV Group, we take part in the Wings for Life World Run, supporting spinal cord research.

And each year, together with our PPDS GPA partner, Airwave International, our UK team takes part in an endurance trek 26 mile walk, raising much needed funds for local children's hospice, the Chestnut Tree House.

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Aiwave Walk Kendra Ingram

Supporting the AV community

Our PPDS Partner program is designed to support our system integration partners with offers, promotions, assets, training and commercial support – all brought together in our myPPDS portal.

Via myPPDS, our partners also have access to our MediaHub digital asset system, which includes a wealth of product and solution information and assets, as well as a sustainability area, offering documentation and detail for use with tenders and to support sustainability efforts.

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Placing people, communities and cultures at our core

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