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The retail challenge

Helping system integrators stay ahead of the game

As physical store managers continue their fight to remain viable and accessible for a customer base that is being driven online – whether for efficiency or for safety – so system integrators in the retail space have a rising challenge to keep their services relevant and required.

In this article we explore two of the challenges we’ve been told are keeping our system integrator partners on their toes – making space for social distancing and ethics plus sustainability , and how digital display solutions may be able to help…

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Three big tests for system integrators

Retail results

With high street stores and back street boutiques throughout the world facing daily struggles to draw in customers, pull in a profit and stay trading, system integrators installing digital displays in the retail marketplace are facing new challenges, too. We asked some of our installation partners what they saw as the biggest challenges coming up for them…

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Standing out from the crowd

Shopping the winning retail tender

Completing a tender request can be a daunting process. Every project is unique and takes time to consider, conceive and cost up. And the conscientious among us always want to do the very best, by every stakeholder – be they the customer or a supplier.

The team at PPDS is made up of people from every walk of life and every industry and there’s a lot of experience within it when it comes to completing a tender for successful results. We pulled together their top five tips for standing out from the crowd and standing a chance in a competitive tender.

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