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Welcome to your journey into our retail theatre

Aspiration: the driver for customers’ purchasing decisions, bringing footfall into stores and strong retail returns with Philips professional displays

RETAIL - Shop Window - LED

Discover a display portfolio that delivers a seamless shopping experience

Welcome to your PPDS retail theatre guide. Here, you will find all the information you need to immerse yourself in our portfolio of Philips retail display solutions and to help you navigate through our Philips stand 3Q600 at ISE 2022.

Discover the Philips retail portfolio – displays that drive innovation, imagination and aspiration. Helping you provide cutting-edge digital display solutions that drive revenue and strong retail returns.

RETAIL - Clothing Shop - 10 inch Touch Screen

Meet the team - your PPDS retail hosts for ISE 2022

This guide will help you to make the most of your time on our stand. And it will be available for you to collect all the data you need after the event, as well. At PPDS we like to make it personal, though, so please do come and find out more from us.

Headed here at ISE 2022 by Martijn van der Woude, Head of Global Business Development, our team is on hand to support you while you are in the retail zone.

ISE Journey-Teams_Journey-Team-Retail

Your journey starts here…

Stand out from the crowd and inspire customers with your collection. Whether for a small store to an international chain, for a supermarket, QSR or an automotive dealership, our Philips display solutions help you deliver dynamic content, personalised for every unique shopper to boost sales and engagement. IoT in retail, gamification and phygital experiences – it is all in store for you here. Start your journey through our retail displays here…

Step 1

Immersive retail solutions on our LED showcase

Discover the full range of solutions on our retail showcase. From Internet of Things in Retail, phygital store experiences, gamification to draw engagement – all key players turning window shoppers into sales. Learn more in our success stories – playing out on our Philips DV LED display.

Our showcase is brought together on a Philips 27BDL9119L.

The Philips 9000 Series LED range is available as a 27” panel, in a range of pixel pitches including 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9. Find out more…


Step 2

Customer experience configured for retail returns

Imagine bringing engaging interaction to the customer’s shopping experience. With Philips retail displays you can create an immersive CX experience. Help your customers select, customise, and visualise their future product with an interactive display that comes to life with our Philips touch screens.

Our solution is brought together on a 55" Philips 55BDL6051C interactive display and a 10BDL4551T control display connecting the physical store with the digital on our Philips Philips 27BDL9119L, brought together with Smartsign.


Step 3

Our high bright retail highlights

Shop window displays and light-filled shopping mall atriums deserve a high bright solution. Designed for indoor use, our H-Line high bright digital signage, or our newly launched high bright 7000 Series DV LED displays are firm retail favourites. And with our new MUPI enclosures, they are now ideal for outdoor use, too.

Our solutions here include our 75" Philips 75BDL3003H and our 41" Philips 41BDL7424L, both enclosed within our new MUPI solutions.

The Philips 7000 Series high bright DV LED has been newly launched ahead of ISE 2022. Carbon neutral, this high bright and super versatile LED display range brings quality together with safety and sustainability – ideal for use in light-filled retail environments.


Step 4

Optimise your store with IoT in retail

With the PPDS IoT for Retail solution, all the insights you need to optimise your staff levels, store design, waiting time, impulse purchases, and much more, are at your fingertips. Discover how data can enhance your store’s performance.

Our IoT for Retail solution is brought together on our 65" Philips 65BDL3117P showing a live IoT in Retail demo, our 55" Philips 55BDL6550Q showing a movie and our 55" Philips 55BDL4550D showing vital statistics, together with software and integrations from Intel, Advantech and Admira. Learn more about IoT for Retail here.

5-PhoneAVstore-PPDS-Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail

Step 5

Your route to retail wayfinding

Increase sales by creating a seamless customer journey that helps shoppers find their desired products faster. Our Philips retail displays showcase stunning digital content to enhance experiences and engage audiences, with easy real-time updates enabled across all locations via a central cloud-based interface.

Our wayfinding solution - found just between the retail and education theatres - is brought together in a kiosk with our 43" Philips 43BDL3651T and software from SmartSign.


Step 6

Your immersive LED line-up

From our newly launched 6000 Series, our 7000 Series available in high bright and standard brightness options, and our 8000 and 9000 Series, we’ve lined up our ranges in an incredible array of pixel pitches, showcasing the versatility across our Philips DV LED portfolio. Discover more here.

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Welcome and enjoy your visit!

Please find us on the stand to learn more. Our team is on hand to support you while you are in the retail zone. You're more than welcome!


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