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Zwin Natuur Park

Zwin Natuur Park reaches new heights with Philips professional displays


A sanctuary for thousands of exotic birds, Zwin Natuur Park is located on the coast of the Belgium-Dutch border and attracts people from all over the world. Known as the ‘international bird airport’, families and enthusiasts make their way here 365 days of the year to experience the beauty of the plain, birds and plants. The park offers both breathtaking walks and interactive tours to excite and delight people of all ages no matter the season.


Founded in 1952, the Zwin Natuur Park had traditionally been kept as a simple reserve. Whilst beautiful to visit, it lacked the

technological advancements that have come to be expected by today’s generation. As a natural park spread over a whopping 180 hectares in Knokke-Heist and 27 hectares in the Netherlands, it was also hard for visitors to explore all it had to offer – especially in the colder months. To keep visitors coming throughout the year, the Zwin Natuur Park needed an exciting revamp to make it more appealing as a destination to visit no matter the season.

Working with PPDS, visitors are now able to experience the birds of Zwin in a new dimension
Nicolas Vanden Avenne – Director of Ocular


Bringing the Zwin Natuur Park into today’s technology obsessed world, Ocular worked with Philips Professional Displays to develop unique interactive experiences to support the visitor journey. With Ocular’s experience-oriented approach, they created an immersive visitor set-up with the perfect level of interaction. A multimedia hatch in the visitor centre brings to life five new experiences using info booths and various games to bring guests up close and personal with the birds of Zwin. To cater for the different age groups visiting the park, Ocular commissioned three versions of each game to ensure both family-friendliness and the right level of stimulation for everybody.


Informative display panels: Visitors of the Zwin Natuur Park are able to interact with the different species of birds via an intricate arrangement of Philips touch screens. With these screens, guests are able to learn how the birds live, what they eat, how they fly, the dangers they encounter and how they reproduce.

Visitor guidance: Having an area over 200 hectares, the Philips professional display set up is also used as info stations offering visitors easy to follow guidance in directions and attractions. The information is displayed on various Philips screens including oversized videowalls.

Central control: The Philips professional display set up is easily updateable by staff of the facility to offer guests the latest information instantly. Updates can be pushed to one screen or many, saving time and providing a simple to use solution.

Interactive touch screens: Screens are used in various locations as interactive gaming stations. By providing guests with handson learning techniques, engagement is boosted with first hand learning experiences, which far exceed the excitement levels of static posters and brochures.

Colour calibration: On screen colour calibration is easily adjusted to enhance image quality in various lighting environments, ensuring that the content stands out, is easily seen and engaging for its audience.


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