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Beit Lessin Theater

Beit Lessin Theater delivers a stellar performance with PPDS.


A popular spot in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Beit Lessin Theater has been entertaining locals with modern and unique plays since 1980. This award-winning theatre is renowned for its culturally rich programmes that fuse artistic, social and contemporary statements covering the nuances and realities of life in Israel. Attracting the country’s greatest talent, the Beit Lessin Theater also functions as a school for playwrights, helping beginners to the more advanced in mastering their craft.


Fantastic performances, significant cultural importance, and larger crowds resulted in the Beit Lessin Theater relocating to a brand new building in 2019. This 7,000m2 space features two impressive halls equipped with advanced sound and lighting installations. To complete the perfect entertainment experience, the theatre needed a state-of-the-art signage solution that is robust enough to withstand direct sunlight, high climate temperatures, and continuous 24/7 operation.

Marvellous image quality and impressive brightness in direct sunlight made Philips displays the perfect choice.
Gadi, CFO & Founder, Screens - TV


Beit Lessin Theater partnered with PPDS, Screens TV, and NoviSign for a custom solution to meet their unique needs. To attract audience walkthrough, a suite of Philips H-Line displays were strategically placed facing the street from the panoramic glass front of the theatre. These ultra-high brightness displays were selected for their vibrant image quality in direct sunlight, ensuring maximum effectiveness and beautiful picture quality in any condition. Inside, a suite of Philips D-Line displays equipped with built-in media players were used to create an inspiring wow effect for guests entering the theatre. With these displays, guests can learn about current and upcoming plays, as well as programme scheduling and ticket collection info. Custom software by NoviSign was configured to connect the entire suite of displays, allowing the theatre’s staff to update content instantly and easily throughout the day with both manual control and automatic scheduling.


Ultra-high brightness: Spectacular 2500 cd/m² brightness ensures high visibility and pure image quality in extreme sunlight.

Easy CMS integration: Content can be easily updated by Beit Lessin Theater staff using NoviSign’s custom content management system.

Brilliant previews: Plays come to life on each display with both static and animated content for a truly engaging experience.

Advanced scheduling: Multiple channels are utilised with unique playlists, day parting, take-over content and exclusive campaigns to further enhance the overall experience and red-carpet events.

Remote management: First and second line support is covered through remote management and diagnostics, whilst playback reports are also available for individual content channels.


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