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Interactive teaching

Combined with Philips T-Line, our interactive classroom display, i3LEARNHUB software is a cloud-based learning platform enabling teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st century learning skills. In classroom and from home.


Intuitive and easy to use teaching solution

i3LEARNHUB enables, both teachers and students, to start and follow a live or online lesson with one click, without the need for additional tools or technical know-how.


Exciting educational content for all ages

i3LEARNHUB offers exciting content creation resources ranging from a collaborative, digital whiteboard to a vast library of rich, digital content

Introduce some fun and create engaging activities

Easily create tons of activities with your own text and images and share them with your students with the click of a button. Find new ways to teach, remote or on location.

Save time with cloud storage

Repurpose your meticulously curated private content repository (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) with i3LEARNHUB in one go. Your assets are available every time you open the i3LEARNHUB gallery.

What your colleagues are saying

Trusted by thousands of teachers and schools

"We looked at the results in my class since we started using technology and more than 85% of the children are able to get more grip on the learning material and we also saw improved test results in over 88% thanks to the use of these digital technologies."

Olivier Dijkmans - Omnimundo, Belgium

Distance learning

The hybrid education model is becoming more important than ever to reach all students, both in class and at home. i3LEARNHUB enables all students to actively participate in the classroom without having to be physically present. By combining the OnAir feature with an interactive board solution and a camera, the teacher can communicate with all students and share the board and any other application with the entire class.


Use Google Classroom to share work with students

i3LEARNHUB integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom to make sharing lessons and files as simple as possible. The Google Classroom integration enables teachers to share lessons and assignments automatically with students and easily follow up on their progress.


The simplest way to bring digital content to students

i3LEARNHUB is a plug & play, cloud-based learning platform that can be accessed from the internet without the need to install software or add-ons on your computer. All you need to access your lessons is a Google Chrome browser and a Wi-Fi connection.

2021-04-18 GSG_Philips_075

What your colleagues are saying

Trusted by thousands of teachers and schools

"i3LEARNHUB opens a world full of opportunities for structured and engaging lessons, differentiation, independent work, problem solving and integration of ICT. It actively puts the students to work. The entire class can work on different assignments at their own level and pace because you can easily share lessons with each one of them."

Carine Devlamynck, Sint-Amandusschool Meulebeke, Belgium

Create your own lessons or lean on the community

As teachers you will have access to thousands of rated and curated lessons within the i3LEARNHUB library—all created by fellow educators for FREE.

i3LEARNHUB also include content created by leading publishers so teachers can discover an array of exciting digital resources to capture attention and inspire students.


i3LEARNHUB features

The benefits you and your students deserve

Collaborate with your students wherever they are

Set up a live collaborative lesson with all students simultaneously.

Activate students with minimal preparation time

Access thousands of lesson activities created by peers.

Easily follow up on your students’ progress

Easily share lessons and exercises with students that are linked to your Google Classroom.

Make complex STEM subjects visual and easier to understand

Access thousands of interactive 3D models.

Save time with curriculum aligned applications

Access interactive apps and create your own with ready to use templates.

Save time and repurpose your content repository

Connect your account to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Allow 1:1 interaction across any device without any installation

i3LEARNHUB works with any browser.

Engage the whole class

Create interactive polls and quizzes.

Save time & money by sharing homework digitally

Send & receive interactive homework instantly from the platform itself.

Quick and easy access to preferred features

Organize your favourite features in a floating toolbar.

Easily access assets safe for everyone to use

Use the integrated safe web search.

What your colleagues are saying

Trusted by thousands of teachers and schools

"The community library offers me plenty of inspiration to create unique, interactive lesson for my students, so they’re more actively engaged in class."

Yvonne Gavican - Primary teacher, European School Brussels

More info on I3 Learnhub

Check our brochure where all the following information is available:

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- Not familiar with digital or remote teaching? Check here our PPDS training academy solution,

- How does i3LEARNHUB work? Check here our infographic that explains at one glance the I3LEARNHUB and its relation with teachers, students in the school and at home,

- What do you need to set it up? Check here all system requirements.

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