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Christmas edition: Yes, Virginia, there is a difference between casting and streaming

The recent Gauge report from Nielsen shows that streaming is still the number one way we are consuming content. At every hospitality show this year, we heard over and over from nearly every major hotel brand that they are looking for a modern solution to guest entertainment. Everyone wants a streaming/casting solution. But those two are different things. Streaming and casting are not one in the same.

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Streaming involves watching content via an Internet connection, basically pushing the content down from the source to the TV. Netflix is a great example. Philips MediaSuite TVs are Netflix ready, allowing guests to log directly into their account on the TV and stream the programming they want to watch. Set-top boxes can be a solution to allow guests to access their favorite streaming services, but this option often requires extra hardware and costly reoccurring monthly fees.

Casting sends a signal from one device, usually a smartphone, to the TV. When casting, a guest would open an app, say Hulu, on their smartphone, tablet or laptop and send it to the TV via a secure peer-to-peer connection.

What makes Philips MediaSuite the best solution for in-room entertainment is it puts the guest in control of their entertainment. Guests can stream via pre-loaded apps Netflix and AppleTV+ and hotels can access the Google Play store and add popular services like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Max, and many more.

To increase guest satisfaction and simplify the process for hotel owners, Philips MediaSuite is the only TV with Chromecast built-in allowing guests to cast to the TV, regardless of their device. Guests simply scan a QR code to make a secure connection to the TV, open the app on their Apple device or Android, and cast to the TV. Everything is built-in. No extra box, equipment, or monthly subscriptions for casting to work.

Casting is simple and intuitive. The response from guests and owners has been overwhelmingly positive. Guests love that they can pick up right where they left off at home with their favorite shows and owners love that this is one solution that meets all their needs.

There are many options to cast or stream on the market today. We are proud to offer properties an all-in-one solution that is universal and will serve their guest with the best entertainment experience. Along with the best standard warranty in the industry, three years full exchange - Philips MediaSuite is the smart choice both for the guest and the property.

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