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Philips T-Line interactive 4K touch-displays arrive in North America for smarter, safer and more engaging teaching and learning experiences

A smarter and safer classroom: Designed on feedback to address and overcome historic barriers and frustrations in teaching and learning environments, the new dedicated interactive Philips T-Line for education, brings previously unseen levels of collaboration and engagement between students and tutors, whilst addressing modern needs around safety and social distancing.

ATLANTA – PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional TV and Digital Signage products and solutions, is helping to make classrooms in North America smarter, safer, more engaging and inclusive, with its new dedicated Philips T-Line interactive 4K touch-display range, built exclusively for education.

First unveiled at ISE 2020, T-Line combines best in class design, advanced technology, and leading software, to facilitate truly transformative levels of engagement and collaboration between students and teachers, whether they’re in a classroom or joining remotely. Since its initial introduction at ISE 2020, this product has been updated to address the ever changing current and future needs surrounding health and safety (including social distancing and general absence).

Available in North American from today, the sleek and stylish T-Line range comes in 65”, 75”and 86” size variants and was conceived following extensive consultations with leading education institutions.

Boasting a high performance anti-glare and anti-reflection 4K screen - perfectly viewable in any lighting condition - T-Line is equipped with a wide range of out-of-the-box features, designed to help motivate, empower and inspire teachers and students, turning once traditional, sometimes static rooms into a place of active interaction and, crucially, sustained engagement.

According to some psychologists, the average student’s attention span is typically between 10-15 minutes, while classes/lectures typically last between an hour and 90 minutes. Meanwhile, research indicates that 65 percent of the population has a visual memory, indicating the need for more advanced visual presentation of information – all of which can now be achieved seamlessly with T-Line’s extensive viewing and sharing capabilities.

Overcoming historic barriers and frustrations

“With the education technology market set to more than double in value by 2022 to $40.9 billion*, the role of technology in classrooms has not only become an essential component for teaching and learning, but it is also increasingly a key deciding factor for parents and students when selecting their school, college or university,” said Joe King, vice president, PPDS, North America. “We feel a deep responsibility in supporting the education market, perhaps more so than ever with the current environment, ensuring students and tutors alike have the tools they need.”

King continued: “As with all products and solutions at PPDS, we’ve done our homework and used our learnings to design a genuinely game-changing solution that meets the modern needs for both students and tutors. T-Line is far more than simply another education display being launched into the market. We’ve taken a fresh look to address the historical obstacles and barriers faced by tens of thousands of students and teachers around the world, head on. The result is a solution that brings classrooms together like never before to create a highly collaborative and safe environment where students are encouraged to have their voices heard and no one is ever left behind.”

We’re all in this together

Advancing PPDS’ close working relationship with Google, all Philips T-Line displays run on the latest available Android OS, providing almost universal familiarity for users, ensuring lessons are started on time with minimal distraction.

Mounted tightly to the wall like a traditional whiteboard or blackboard, T-Line displays combine all the features and functionality of a traditional interactive display, but with T-Line, students are actively encouraged to participate and collaborate during lessons through a variety of means.

Each display features true multi-touch interaction, as well as high-speed technology and optimized glass coating to deliver a high-class writing experience, allowing multiple students to physically interact with the display simultaneously, using either their hands or for more accurate detail, a multi-tip passive stylus – included in the box. The displays can also connect with a keyboard and mouse and have the functionality to support Active Pen technology.

Ensuring students always have the best view of the screen, T-line – running from a secure wireless connection – allows up to 64 people to connect their own computing device directly to the display at the same time, while work on up to four students’ devices can be shared onto the display at any one time.

Supporting all major operating systems, including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, students can contribute to lessons – viewing, working with and manipulating a document without ever leaving their seat.

Involvement evolvement

Taking notes can be a necessary distraction for students, running the risk of missing important details and forcing students to adopt a head down, silent approach. It’s widely acknowledged that only 20% of information is retained after initial memorization. Without review, 47 percent of learned information is lost after only 20 minutes. After one day, 62 percent of learned information is lost without review.

With Philips T-Line, all documents displayed and work carried out can be saved and can then be shared via third party email apps, or stored in the cloud, ensuring students never miss a thing, while also being kinder to the environment by reducing paper waste.

With additional accessories, such as audio soundbars and cameras, and supporting programs such as Zoom, the new Philips T-Line combines all the functionality of a high-end video conferencing system, opening untold opportunities for further learning and interactions.

“Character development, collaborative learning and creative thinking are all essential ingredients for any educational environment,” said King. “Students should feel empowered and involved – therefore collaboration between tutors and students should be seamless, encouraged and demanded."

“PPDS believes interactive displays like T-Line hold the key to providing the simplest, most effective and most inclusive solution, allowing people to absorb information in multiple formats, such as audio, pictures and video and ensuring classes remain a hive of creative activity. We’re delighted to now be able to offer Philips T-Line displays to our partners in North America and help inspire generations by creating a classroom fit for the future that revels in learning.”

T-Line: At a glance:

• Enhanced lessons

Inspire your students with engaging lessons that bring your curriculum to life. Connect to social and web-based application to pull live feeds, data and mixed media for a classroom that’s filled with rigorous content suitable for all levels of education.

• Powered by Android

Android Philips displays are fast, versatile and easy to navigate. Optimized for native Android apps, you can install these directly from PPDS’ CMND app store, giving you access to the latest educational sources and more. Regular updates ensure your apps stay up-to-date and compliant as features and the security protocols required to evolve.

• Interactive whiteboard

Inspire creative collaboration in the classroom with whiteboard mode. Simply activate this feature to turn your display into a blank canvas that can be drawn on by hand or by using a dedicated display by multiple people in the room. Everything on screen can then be sent digitally for easy printing or file sharing between teachers and students.

• Always up to date

Place your educational facility ahead of your competition with real-world applications in the classroom. The Philips T-Line has been designed for intuitive functionality that combines everyday digital experiences with the latest educational practices. A fully updateable software suite and customizable functions ensure better lessons for years to come.

• Multi-touch technology

Hands-on learning is a powerful way to create memorable lessons that keep students engaged. With 20 touchpoints, the Philips T-Line is perfect for collaborative and competitive interactive experiences that combine visual, audio and, kinaesthetic content. This powerful display is also enabled with a USB connector for true plug-and-play operation.

To learn more about T-Line in North America, please visit the brand-new website here, or contact your local PPDS account manager.

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