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Bringing vision into the future for Finnish eye care specialist, Silmäasema, FirstView installs Philips professional displays managed remotely with PPDS Wave

Efficiency, scalability, sustainability. It is all packed in to Philips professional displays with PPDS Wave. Bringing a new era of display management with easy after installation maintenance and control, saving time and travel for our Silmäasema customers across the country.
Tommi Högmander – FirstView Digital Signage


FirstView is a leading system integrator delivering world-class digital signage solutions for customers across Finland and beyond, including but not limited to Factory restaurants, Finnair Cargo, KONE Corporation, Radisson Hotels, Schenker Oy, and Sokos Hotels. Going beyond installation, the FirstView team offers customers both design consultancy, content management and ongoing maintenance support. Using their decades of experience, they ensure best results with innovative display installations and easy-to-manage digital promotions and advertising.

A PPDS Global Partner Alliance member, FirstView is an early adopter and avid user of PPDS Wave Controller, tapping into the remote device management support to manage their customers’ extensive display fleets remotely.


Silmäasema, a Finnish optician chain, approached FirstView with a brief to revamp the in-store eye care experience for their customers across over 40 locations. The solution needed to support different types of displays tightly integrated into the shop design, incorporating the maintenance of advertisements on the ‘shop floor’. This included replacing paper with digital signage to allow fast and efficient content changes – both in terms of time and resources – while also making the advertising more dynamic, as well as delivering easy-to-update information signs next to the opticians’ rooms, which need to be changed every day. With no time to lose while delivering their customer service, short deadlines were set for the installations into each store.

With FirstView innovating our in store digital signage with Philips professional displays we can concentrate on our core business – giving the optimal eyecare experience to our customers. Signage is visible and up to date without issues and staff are not distracted searching for remote controls and having to intervene on technical issues.
Anne Rantanen, Marketing Director – Silmäasema


With a blank slate, FirstView were able to design a solution from scratch, integrating a range of Philips professional displays seamlessly into the point of sale environment, with installations carefully situated within and among the furniture to enhance the customer experience, delivering all the information customers need for a reassuring visit from the moment they walk through the door. The shopfloor design included a range of display types, including Philips D-Line displays with Android SoC, which were chosen for the in-store experience, while 10” Philips T-Line displays have been placed outside each consulting room.

Carefully considering the long term aspirations of their customer, FirstView elected to augment their already outstanding service with PPDS Wave Controller, allowing them to remotely update content, and to maintain the large display fleets of Silmäasema, as well as for other customers. With strong returns, including efficiency and performance improvements already being seen, the solution will continue to be rolled across more Silmäasema locations in the future.

Wave Controller saves us time and, in our business, time is money. Now we can proactively monitor displays anytime and from anywhere, proactively intervening if there are issues.
Laura Vaihinen – FirstView Digital Signage

Benefits with PPDS Wave

  • Scalable device management: Features used in PPDS Wave Controller include firmware updates, reboots and display settings, such as locking keys, screen shots and change of inputs.
  • Easy integration of FirstView CMS: FirstView’s content management software is installed directly onto the Philips professional displays alongside Wave, with no external media players required.
  • Future proof technology: Firmware updates and new functionalities can all be managed remotely, adding up to date features, optimising security, and prolonging display lifetimes, bringing customers a competitive edge.
  • Sustainability focus: Wave Controller remote display management means less travel is required for support and maintenance, bringing economies and environmental benefits for the customer and SI.
  • Time efficient: Managing customer support remotely brings system integrators time efficiencies, allowing them to deliver greater customer service and to develop and innovate their business further.
  • Focus on innovation (not compatibility): PPDS Wave makes the aftercare of different display hardware simple, allowing system integrators and businesses to focus on what’s important – maximising customer experience.

Wave supports all Philips Android SoC (Android 7 and above) devices.

What’s next for FirstView with Wave?

It doesn’t stop there. FirstView is committed to using Wave Controller to enhance their ongoing maintenance offering, claiming their Philips devices to give them the edge in offering the best performance and service to their customers in retail, hospitality, and public spaces.

“With Philips we have a close relationship with the manufacturer who understands our needs and supports us with differentiating products to help us realise the most challenging installations and make sure they perform well. We appreciate the continuous deployment of new features with PPDS Wave, being a part of this innovation, and seeing what comes next!”
Tommi Högmander – FirstView Digital Signage

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