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Philips S-Line

From menu boards to point of sale and beyond. Stretch your display opportunities into slimmer spaces with Philips S-Line.


Go wide

Across every industry, places to display is always at a premium. Philips S-Line stretch digital signage maximizes your space potential, delivering a slimline, stylish and feature rich way to display your content – for better brand coverage, perfectly positioned promotions, and ideally sited information.

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key advantages

Why choose a Philips S-Line display?

Ready for impact

Widen the view. Widen your opportunities with Philips S-Line. With its unique 32:9 design and 1920x540 resolution, the new stretched digital signage display shows more in less space.

Smart and robust

Android-powered, Philips S-Line is optimized for native Android apps. Run your own app or choose your favorite app to run. Ensure the software is kept secure and remain to the latest specification for longer.

Versatile and impressive

This ultra-high-brightness 700 cd/ m2 display is perfect for attracting attention with clearer images. Simple and powerful daisy chaining allows for multi-display setup. Create tiled set up of your choice with tiling mode.
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Stretched digital signage display

22 Android Hospitality Hotel Reception

Powered by Android

Android-powered Philips professional displays are fast, versatile and easy to navigate. All displays are optimized for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. Automatic updates ensure apps stay up to date.

CMND & Control

Run your display network over a local (LAN or RF) connection. CMND & Control allows you to perform vital functions like updating software and settings, as well as monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one TV or more, CMND & Control makes managing your fleet easy.


Designed for 24/7 operation

Because business never sleeps, our signage displays are designed for 24/7 use for highest accuracy and critical environments. Taking advantage of superior components to ensure a higher level of quality, you can count on this range of models for complete around-the-clock reliability.


High brightness (700 cd/m2)

Make a big impact in bright or semi-outdoor locations. This ultra-high-brightness 700 cd/ m2 display is perfect for attracting attention in large, busy areas that are subject to high ambient light.

HDMI Daisy chain

Link multiple displays with HDMI Daisy chain. Simply connect the HDMI Out port to a HDMI In of another display to create the most stunning experience around.


Connect two or more Philips professional displays to create a tiled set up with only one external device. A single player takes care of your custom content, no matter the number of displays.

Integrated Media Player

Easily schedule content to play from USB. Your Philips professional display will wake from standby to play the content you want, and then return to standby once playback has finished.

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