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PPDS wows HITEC crowds with world’s most energy efficient digital signage series for hospitality with the ‘zero power’ Philips Tableaux range

Making its debut to the hospitality market at the show, the groundbreaking full size and full color ePaper digital signage display series delivers vivid, 24/7 content while running on zero power. Philips Tableaux is an ideal replacement for paper-based communications, bringing new digital display opportunities for hospitality environments.

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays and solutions, is showcasing its new game-changing full size, ‘zero power’ Philips Tableaux advanced color ePaper (ACeP) signage display at HITEC. Each is capable of delivering 24/7 vivid content, while running entirely unplugged and without using a single kilowatt of electricity.

Unveiled at Philips booth (1035) in Toronto, the ground-breaking Philips Tableaux display from PPDS is the world’s first 60,000 color (including blue) ePaper signage solutions launched by a leading display manufacturer. The display offers an array of exciting new opportunities – including cost and energy savings – for hospitality environments, including hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and more.

Stretching the boundaries of possibility

Philips Tableaux displays are an ideal energy saving solution for hotel properties looking to digitize their paper-based signage. They can now deliver messages such as reception desk opening hours, convention signage, restaurant menus as well as promotions and offers, in a power-free format giving them more flexibility for placement. Philips Tableaux is also an ideal solution for those looking to swap out their current digital models (where features, such as refresh rates needed for moving content, may far exceed day-to-day requirements) with colorful, power-free, easily updatable displays, reducing total cost of ownership.

Perfect for any environment, including in spaces with limited or no access to power sources, Philips Tableaux displays are light enough to be moved around easily when needed, only requiring connection to an electricity source when content is being updated, and immediately reverting to zero power upon completion.

One image change uses just 0.0025 kWh. For context, boiling a kettle uses the same amount of energy as 17 image changes on the Tableaux, and using a laptop for eight hours equates to 208 image changes.

Content updates can be managed manually, or entirely remotely, using PPDS’ in-house or third-party professional display control and management platforms.

Further Philips Tableaux display sizes will be added in the coming months, with customers invited to learn more and experience for themselves the current and future plans from PPDS on Philips booth 1035.

Joe King, Vice President Hospitality at PPDS, commented: “Sustainability is a top priority for all hotel brands and, at PPDS, we are proud to lead the industry with this challenge, bringing products that deliver on energy and environmental savings, without compromising customers’ digital display objectives.

“Today, here at HITEC, we’re thrilled to be the first leading display manufacturer in the global market to introduce these full sized, full color Tableaux displays, providing incredible opportunities for hospitality customers, whether in a hotel lobby or elevator area, a restaurant, bar, or virtually anywhere, allowing them to digitize their business communications and messaging in ways they never thought possible.

“The Tableaux Series is the perfect complementary solution to our wider range of incredible dedicated Philips hospitality displays. We look forward to demonstrating this incredible product to visitors at HITEC.”

To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here, or contact your local PPDS sales manager.

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