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Odeon Kino AS

ODEON Kino AS presents a fully immersive cinema experience with PPDS


A hot new entertainment spot in Norway, ODEON Kino AS is a premium-grade cinema that delivers the latest films in a luxurious setting. Opening in style, this Oslo first for ODEON also set the record as the largest cinema to open in Norway – with 14 auditoriums as well as industry-leading entertainment features. This cinema is located in a newly developed section of a large scale shopping centre and hotel facility, attracting a huge influx of guests each day, all year long.


Positioned as a state-of-the-art cinema, ODEON Kino AS features DOLBY ATMOS audio, 4K resolution, and LUXE seating. It’s also Norway’s first commercial IMAX cinema. With such technical advancements and luxuries throughout the cinema, it was important that every aspect of communication within the premise reflected its premium status.

A fully digitalised customer communication platform, all gathered in one solution gives the cinema extraordinary flexibility to adjust the communication linked to the kind of film or corporate event at the cinema. The massive coverage of screens makes the cinema change profile and adapted to the target audience at every given situation makes the little extra touch. The result make the experience complete with no staff cost used for rearranging traditional posters and displays.
Jon Einar Sivertsen, Chief Commercial Officer, ODEON Kino AS


ODEON Kino AS worked with PPDS and Atea to achieve their digital signage needs. Together, 100 displays were installed throughout the cinema to ensure a full digital experience for visitors. In place of traditional posters, displays were chosen to bring movies to life in high definition video and audio. The upstairs bar was also fitted with digital screens for mood enhancement, as well as instantly updateable content including menu offers and promotions. The displays can also be used for custom content during corporate events and special movie premiere nights. Generating extra revenue is also possible by selling media space to partners. Furthermore, the entire set-up is fully compatible with the cinema’s existing Scala software, allowing for remote content updates and automated ticketing from a central location.


Maximum reliability: Robust performance means screens can be kept on 24/7 without complications.

Seamless integration: Quick connection with the existing Scala system resulted in a cost-effective installation and zero configuration issues.

Multifunctional solution: Displays are used for movie trailers, mood enhancement, menus, promotional space and custom content.

Maximum exposure: Large 98-inch displays have boosted viewer engagement and helped position ODEON as a premium, technically-advanced cinema.

Personal service: A direct line of communication resulted in an ultra-quick custom solution that met ODEON’s every need.

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