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Hotel Vrigstad

Hotel Vrigstad delights guests with a spectacular view by PPDS


Situated in the serene countryside of Småland in southern Sweden, the Best Western Hotel Vrigstad is a magnificent surprise for guests from far and wide. Combining plush comfort with modern technology, this fully renovated hotel features 54 rooms, two restaurants serving locally-sourced menus, a cocktail lounge, and sauna. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Vrigstad, guests can unwind with fishing, swimming, gold searching, as well as mushroom and berry picking.


Renowned as the place to stay for business travellers in Southern Sweden, the Best Western Hotel Vrigstad attracts a year-long flow of market-shaping guests. Equipped with a large conference room and executive facilities, the hotel’s management team wanted to wow guests by expanding its highend technology suite to each of the 54 rooms.

Our vision for a clean, forward-thinking display solution was made possible with the Philips Signature TV Series.
Jim Ternander, Key Account Director, Hoist Group


To propel the Best Western Hotel Vrigstad’s reputation in the business world, Hoist Group teamed up with Philips Professional Display Solutions to upgrade the hotel’s TV fleet. Philips Signature Series 49” displays were installed in all 54 rooms in just one week. With 4K resolution and Ambilight lighting, each room received an instant upgrade that projected an advanced setting with dynamic ambience. Hoist Group also pre-loaded their custom Fusion software to ensure a future-proof installation that is ready for new features to be added whenever required by the hotel’s management team.


Custom software integration: Hoist Group Fusion software allows future-proof features and benefits to be added as new hotel demands arise.

Easy content creation: Custom content creation allows hotel staff to push promotions, city information and messaging to screens throughout the hotel.

High-end aesthetic: Philips Signature Series enhances each room with its high-end design, premium finish, slim bezel and powerful Ambilight lighting.

Remote upgrades: Hoist Group can send software updates remotely to ensure each screen is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features. Software upgrades are instant, and can be directed to the entire fleet or selected rooms.

Android: Built-in Android opens up an exciting world of possibilities with easy access to apps, content and games.

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