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Netflix ready? Why enabling streaming on your hotel TVs makes big business sense

Did you know that your guests are more likely to return to your hotel if you offer Netflix streaming on the TV in your hotel rooms? According to the PPDS 2022 Guest Behaviour Survey 25% of guests would return to the same hotel if they were able to access their Netflix on their hotel TV. And, as 81% of guests are likely to have their own account, supporting their streaming needs for a home-away-from-home experience makes big business sense.

Return on experience brings guests back time after time

When selecting the hospitality TVs to install within a hotel, return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership have always been key considerations. Now, return on experience (ROX) – an aspect that has until now been considered a softer measure – is rising in importance.

Today’s guests expect more from their hotel experience – driven by access to technology and a craving for customization – whether at check in, in your bars and restaurants, events and conference spaces, or in the hotel rooms themselves. Personalizing those experiences, making your guests feel special, and making sure they feel at home, are all now business critical for hotels looking to raise their return rates.

Your in-room TVs can support you with capitalizing on that ROX, enabling quick and easy access to streaming, apps and more, and tailoring that experience with personalized greetings and content on check in. For hoteliers, this personalization also opens opportunities to enhance the way guests interact with their brand, and to cross sell relevant services, such as spa treatments, room service and restaurant bookings.

What hotel guests want

According to a PWC Consumer Intelligence Survey, 73% of people say customer experience is an important factor when making purchasing decisions. What’s more, 42% say they would pay more for a friendly and welcoming experience.

Access to streaming services is also a key consideration for guests when selecting their hotel. Netflix is enjoyed globally by over 220 million paid subscribers and the PPDS 2022 Guest Behavior Survey found that 82% of hotel guests already have a Netflix account. So, giving them the ability to view their favorite streaming services and apps on the big screen, either embedded directly as a feature on the hotel TV, or via Chromecast, can immediately increase satisfaction.

What benefits does return on experience bring?

Service and experience are key factors in the hospitality industry, and getting these two factors right can bring benefits for the hotelier as well as their guests. These include:

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction – delivering positive feedback rankings and improved social media exposure.
  • Increased guest returns – better brand experiences result in better loyalty and more return visits to your hotel.
  • Better revenue from value added services – and the ability to increase room rates as a result of enhanced experiences.

Improving ROX with Philips MediaSuite

Built on an Android TV platform, Google-certified and with Chromecast built-in, Philips MediaSuite enables guests to easily connect to the apps they want to use, their way. Whether that’s for their subscription services such as Android TV+, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify or YouTube, or to stream their own content, it’s all accessible in up to Ultra HD 4K resolution.

Uniquely to this range, Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs also offer the option to have Netflix – and other popular streaming platforms – embedded onto the TV itself. Embedding Netflix is easy to install with a Hotel PMS – and it’s truly secure, with any trace of the guest’s information being wiped from the TV at checkout.

It also offers full access to the Google Play store, allowing guests to download Google-approved content, including more than 10,000 cast-enabled Android apps, 200,000 TV programs and films and 30,000,000 music tracks.

The beauty of ROX lies within the Philips MediaSuite.

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