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easyHotel maximises its guest options with a unique hotel proposition


Bringing easyJet airline’s famous concept to the world of hotels, easyHotel is an international super budget hotel chain with a ‘pay for what you need’ system. What EasyHotel promises is simple – a great night’s sleep in a clean room at a great price. Sleep essentials are provided by the hotel, and guests are invited to customise their stay with a range of options based on their budget and needs. With its hotels strategically placed around Europe and the Middle East, guests can rely on a consistent experience during their trips – whether it’s for business or pleasure.


Famous for their ‘pay for what you need’ concept, easyHotel required an intricate TV set up for 234 rooms across three hotels spanning London, Birmingham and Manchester. This set up had to include new, high quality TVs in each room that have the ability to be activated if a guest decided to choose the TV option as an addon. Whilst this may seem like a simple concept, the implementation of such a system is rare in the hotel world – but if executed correctly, easyHotel will be able to maintain its super budget prices for its guests without compromising on optional luxuries with this bold move.

PPDS had the perfect solution for what the easyHotel’s brand was looking for.
James Grant – Marketing Manager at Airwave Europe


Wanting the very best possible solution at the most competitive price, easyHotel worked with Airwave Europe and Philips Professional Displays to fit each hotel with a fleet of energy efficient TVs. With Airwave’s deep understanding of Philips TVs, they immediately recommended the MyChoice system for the new easyHotel set up. Commonly used in the medical industry – particularly in hospitals offering patients premium TV channel options – Airwave made the connection that would see this set up introduced in the hospitality industry. They installed 234 new screens from the Philips EasySuite range, wall-mounting 24-inch and 32-inch HFL3010T screens at easyHotels in South Kensington, Birmingham and Manchester. Airwave facilitated the new pay-to-watch TV system across channels by designing and deploying a Philips CMND system paired with Philips MyChoice at each hotel.


Pay-as-you-watch TV:
Guests can enjoy consistently low hotel room prices by only choosing what they want to use. In a bold move, guests can choose whether they would like to pay for TV or keep their costs down by doing without it thanks to the Philips MyChoice system.

Complete control: With the CMND Display Management Platform, hotel staff can easily control their fleet of displays – whether it’s just one screen or all.

Energy efficiency: Low power consumption screens means lower operating costs and a bigger step towards a greener tomorrow.

Easy deployment: PPDS provided an easy deployment and installation, allowing the hotels to be set up to match their exact needs.

Affordable solution: Working within budget to fit out three entire hotels, Philips Professional Displays created a custom set up, which delivered the required solution in the most cost-effective way.

Modern minimalism: The in-room TVs are used to provide general information for the hotel – minimising any paper wastage and clutter by replacing traditional pamphlets and information folders, and providing a nicer, neater and more modern hotel feel.

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