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Cost of Ownership matters to today's hotelier or best technology options paired with the best cost of ownership?

"Hospitality is definitely making a comeback." That was heard repeatedly at the recent HITEC show, which is put on by HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals), in Orlando.

This was the largest in-person event we have had since the beginning of the pandemic, and it was an incredible opportunity to meet with customers in person and introduce new hotel professionals to the benefits of Philips MediaSuite.

Streaming is the way of the future, well, actually the present. We are no longer satisfied with just cable television at home. According to Nielsen's State of Play report, 85 percent of US households have a video/streaming subscription service*, and more than 50 percent subscribe to at least three different platforms (like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount Plus, etc.).

What we hear from guests and hoteliers alike is that as travelers, we want to enjoy an entertainment experience similar to what they enjoy at home, which is access to their favorite streaming channels like Apple TV+, Netflix, or Hulu when traveling, especially in their hotel rooms.

Another thing we also heard at the show are the pressures hotel owners are facing with their budgets coming out of the pandemic. Expenses from doing refreshes and staying current with technology and trends and staffing/hiring stressors. It all costs money, which is why it’s even more critical that you are getting the absolute best product and best the return on that investment.

Right now, hotels typically use workarounds like an external box or dongle to give their guests access to streaming services. These "workarounds" can cost up to $300 a room, not to mention the labor cost of having IT set it up and maintain it. They also can be cumbersome with unsightly wires that detract from the room's aesthetic. Then there is the security issue. Dongles can be removed, and guests have to worry if their information is deleted when they leave the hotel, as that is not always the case.

Philips MediaSuite solves all those concerns. Everything is built-in to the TV, no dongles, no boxes, and no unsightly wires. With Chromecast built-in, guests can instantly cast their content from any streaming app from their device to the TV. Their information is secure because they are casting from their device. Philips MediaSuite is the only hospitality TV with Netflix on board as well. Guests do sign in, but the system automatically wipes the information on the check-out date, ensuring their information is secure as well.

Guests also have access to thousands of apps on the Google Play store, and because the MediaSuite is powered by Android, updates to technology and new features can be automatic. So you don't have to worry about updates!

All of this gives the hotel guest what they want in their room entertainment experience while providing the hotel owner with the best overall cost of ownership. Philips also offers the industry's best warranty at three years full exchange. You won't need it, but it is there to protect that investment giving owners peace of mind.

It was great to have the opportunity at HITEC to show hoteliers why this solution is the best on the market, both for giving the guest the best experience AND saving the property money.

But you don't have to take my word for it. This is what just one of our customers, Tom McDonald, General Manager at Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, had to say:

"We selected Philips MediaSuite because the technology is leaps and bounds ahead of where other tv brands are at this time. The technology is simple to use. I was amazed at the ease at which all the functions operate. It is intuitive and easy for the guest to connect and begin streaming.

The feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive. They love being able to stream content directly from their device to TV."

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