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Mounting systems for digital displays in school buildings

Digitalisation in education means that more and more displays are being used in school buildings. Think digiboards, interactive desks, touchscreens and other digital displays.


Why Vogel's?

As an educational institution, you want to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for teachers and students. Secure, smart mounting solutions help. Vogel's expertise par excellence.


Vogel's: Supporter of digitalisation in education

Vogel's is the market leader in mounting solutions for AV equipment. Innovation and evolution is in our DNA. With Vogel's, you never choose just any mounting solution. We test all our educational products to the highest standards for safety, durability and longevity. That's why every Vogel's product is TÜV 5 certified. This means that each mounting solution can support up to 5 times the maximum weight.

Since 2018, the Dutch company Smart Metals has been part of the Vogel's Group. Smart Metals delivers - as you would expect from Vogel's - high-quality products especially for the education sector and rounds off the Vogel's range perfectly.


Partnership PPDS

''Vogel's was proud to collaborate with Philips on the Torchlight Education project. We have been distributing high quality premium brand products for almost 50 years and are marked as specialists in the B2B market. In this cooperation the drive for perfection of both A-brands Philips and Vogel's resulted in a smooth and perfectly managed project. In line with the project needs we supplied supporting display mounting products from both Vogel's and our SmartMetals brand for this school project. The way the project was initiated and the professionalism in implementation are the basis for a long term cooperation between both brands.''

says Gerdi Vogels - CEO Vogel's Products BV

Preferred solutions for digitisation in education

Commonly used digital systems solutions in education are interactive whiteboards or digiboards. They are usually mounted on the wall in the classroom. In addition to the usual digiboards, touchscreens are also popular. For all these digital displays, Vogel's offers smart mounting solutions that are safe, reliable and easy to use. Here below are just some of the possibilities.


Electrically adjustable display trolley

Ideal if you are looking for a mobile solution.

This robust trolley for digital displays up to 86" can be easily adjusted electrically to the desired screen height with the remote control.


Electrically adjustable wall-floor mount for interactive whiteboards

Ideal solution for wall mounting of digiboards and interactive whiteboards. The display can be adjusted back to the perfect height at the touch of a button


Electrically adjustable wall/floor mount for touchscreens

The solution for particularly secure mounting of touchscreens on a wall. The height of the display can be adjusted with the remote control.


Tablock universal

The solution for tablets at a table. The secure TabLock case opens quickly and easily with the new lock and key mechanism.


About Vogel's

Vogel's is an international manufacturer of mounting solutions for TVs, video walls, mobile and other AV equipment. The family-owned company is active in both the consumer and business markets. For almost 50 years Vogel's has been driven by its quest for perfection. This started back in 1973 when founder Harry Vogels developed the world's first loudspeaker wall mount for a better sound experience. That drive to create the perfect user experience is still what drives Vogel's today, which resulted in many design awards over the years. Vogel's is known for its product innovations, future proof design, ease of installation and use, focus on safety, use of high quality materials and extensive service and support. In addition, care for people and the environment is an important theme for Vogel's.

Vogel’s. For Sure.


Digitalisation in education: Examples

Vogel's has a specialised team of engineers and product designers with many years of experience in the development and installation of AV equipment in educational institutions. We are pleased to be able to use this knowledge and experience to help you install digital displays in schools. We offer all the support you need.


Internal development

This support comes from our product development centre in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. This is also where we develop all our products. All knowledge and skills in the field of professional AV systems, user requirements, design, engineering and production are concentrated here. As a result, Vogel's has Europe's largest R&D department for corporate AV mounting solutions.


Want to know more about Vogel's digital solutions?

TÜV certified

All Vogel's Professional products have one thing in common: quality comes first. Our products meet high quality standards and are TÜV certified. They are extensively tested based on the criteria set by TÜV NORD as well as 5 times their weight.

5 Quality Promise

When you choose a smart solution that is both stylish and functional, choose Vogel's. Vogel's Professional stands for products that are both an experience and entertainment. Vogel's as a brand stands for the following 5 quality promises: Ease of use, design, innovation, reliability and ease of installation. Vogel's products are part of a unique manufacturing process and meet the highest standards. They can also be harmoniously combined with each other.

Digital systems for every budget

No matter how much budget you have for education, Vogel's mounting systems have been available since 1973 in a variety of price ranges to suit your needs. We pay attention to safety and robustness. Vogel's offers a wide range of wall and ceiling mounts and floor stands with specific features.


Strength, stability and safety are at the heart of Vogel's Professional. Clear and understandable installation instructions and expert advice guarantee correct and safe installation.

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Reach out to our sales managers to get to know more about Vogel's solutions and how they can fit our Philips Professional Display products.


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