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TDM Signage

A Dutch leading “next generation” cloud-based digital signage provider with more than 10 years experience and deployments world-wide. Thanks to the TDM web-based designer you can create your own signage content easily and publish it on your displays within minutes.

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TDM Signage

TDM is not just a standard solution. With TDM you can do a lot more than just show Digital Signage. With our Enterprise-Grade software you open the door to Interactive Signage, Analytics, Proof of Play and a lot more! TDM is hosted on grade-A enterprise hardware in multiple datacenters. We ensure you that TDM is super userfriendly, fast and secure.

TDM Signage
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Partnership Philips

"The partnership we have with Philips is very solid. Ever since Philips introduced Android displays we tailored the TDM software to make a perfect fit for Philips products. TDM is used in a lot of projects with different demands like for example Room booking, Digital Signage and interactive signage. As a proud Philips partner we are looking forward to the future."

- Ricardo de Vries, CEO – TDM Signage


TDM supports a lot of WIDGETS. TDM supports a lot of out-of-the-box widgets ready for you to use.
It contains templates, newsfeeds media and a lot more.


Digital Signage

Of course, with TDM you can create and distribute beautiful Digital Signage to one or more screens at different locations. But with TDM you can do a lot more thanks to the standard widgets for news, social media, Power BI, and much more. TDM has an extensive proof of play module, a user rights module, is fully touch compatible and interactive. In the extensive yet user-friendly CMS system of TDM you can operate, manage and monitor your screens. Even without Digital Signage experience you can display messages on screens, thanks to the Mail To Signage solution. All you have to do is send an email with a PowerPoint to your screen, and it will be automatically converted into a presentation. TDM is extremely suitable for small and large projects

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TDM Room booking

With the Room booking solution from TDM you can easily show the availability of your rooms on a central screen, but also on the screen next to the room. The information displayed is always real-time and the screens can be linked to Office365, Microsoft Exchange and Google calendar. If the room is occupied, you can even search for and book another room from where you are. Together with the ad-hoc booking functionality and the Philips displays, this provides a cost-efficient solution.

TDM Screensaver

With the screensaver of TDM you can keep informing colleagues who are not in the office in the same way as you do with Digital Signage. You can easily distribute the existing presentations and channels to the computers of colleagues. This way they also stay informed about everything you want to share with them.


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