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Tailoradio – Retail sounds different

Digital Signage, Multi-sensoriality, AV system installation, Proximity Marketing, In Store Radio and Traffic Analytics, for a new and involving shopping experience.


Why Tailoradio?

We are the main solution provider for the creation of 100% customized In Store communication projects for leading brands. We design and orchestrate every in store media for communication and interaction with your clients, developing tailored retail projects, with passion and professionalism.


Tailoradio and PPDS Philips: State of the Art Shopping Experience.

"A great opportunity in the co-development, set-up and distribution of Retail Solutions, with both the quality of Philips products and Tailoradio’s Technology and In Store Expertise."

Massimo Petrella, CEO & Founder of Tailoradio

Digital Signage, Made Easy

Philips Professional Displays and videoMOOD™: the perfect match! Discover a brand new ease in managing In Store videos, installing the App directly on the operating system (SOC) of your Displays.


Audio-Video Systems

Tailoradio designs and installs the best audio and audio-video solutions for Retail, Corporate, Unified Communications and Digital Collaboration.


Radio In Store for Business Venues

Set the best music mood for your Business with original daily playlists at your fingertips, also synchronized with visual contents.


Retail Analytics, Interactions & IoT Solutions

Increase the efficiency of sales processes and dynamically adapt multimedia content to the target detected in the store. Design the most immersive Customer Experience ever.


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