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The Museum of The National Bank of Belgium

The Museum of The National Bank of Belgium brings its exhibitions to life with PPDS.


Situated in the centre of Brussels, the Museum of The National Bank of Belgium covers its rich history that goes back to 1850. The two-storey museum is located in a 19th-century renovated bank building, which still maintains its original Gothic charm through its monumental staircase, candelabras and preserved finishing touches. Open to the general public, the museum is a treasure for students and younger guests with its educational exhibits focused on the role and tasks the National Bank plays on society. Here, people can learn about the history of the bank, see how payments were made in the past and view all the different forms of Belgian money from yesteryear.


In a digital age where interactivity is king, the Museum of The National Bank of Belgium needed a new way to keep its audience engaged and excited in learning all there is to know about the history of Belgian currency and the bank. Being located in a historical building though meant that the structure had to be preserved in its original state as the new technological set-up and over-sized 98” displays were installed. In this particular upgrade, the entire software and hardware including custom Audioguide devices were a completely unique installation for PPDS’s business partner, Ocular. interactivity and infinite possibilities.

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Our experience with Philips is great, they have excellent technical support and their product quality is supreme.
Simon Denys – Partner & COO for Ocular


Partnering with Ocular, PPDS installed five jaw-dropping 98” screens at the Museum of The National Bank of Belgium. These mammoth screens are now hanging two metres above the ground between the building’s pillars – giving visitors of the museum a spectacular experience. The screens work in harmony with Ocular’s custom Audioguide system to bring the exhibits to life through an interactive visual display. In this unique installation, guests can connect with the exhibits as well as with each other through collaborative guidance. The end result has been a significant increase in visitor engagement through cutting-edge interactive technology.

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High impact display: A spectacular display of five 98” screens hanging in the Museum of The National Bank of Belgium provide visitors with a high-impact digital experience, in which they can engage with the content in a truly larger than life form.

Central control: The Philips Professional Display set up is easily updateable by staff of the museum, to cater for new exhibits and additions to existing exhibits. Updates are made possible through Ocular’s custom CMS system and can be pushed to a single screen or to multiple screens for infinite versatility.

Interactive content: Using Ocular’s custom set-up, visitors are able to interact with the screens within the museum in one of three languages to accommodate for the unique language mix of Belgium. The screens throughout the museum provide visitors with hands-on learning experiences to make learning much more engaging.

Seamless connectivity: Screens are connected to Ocular’s intuitive Audioguide system to bring exhibits to life through user interactivity.


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