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Solution Selling is teamwork

''Think about the brand ‘Philips’. What’s the product or product category you think of? Indeed, more than one! There are many amazing products that sit across a huge range of professional and consumer needs.

I want to highlight one category in the business industry for you – professional displays. Did you know that Philips professional displays is a top 3 player globally? And this continues to be an expanding market, because businesses are discovering the growing benefits of digital content over traditional content. Philips professional displays are available in different formats, sizes, principles and purposes. From 10” till infinite, they have it.

Now, what makes the Philips professional displays special? For me in the B2B market it’s the partnership we have as a team with the channel and end customers. The product is the hero, but the people behind the business make the solution a success.

Philips professional displays are exclusively marketed via PPDS, the business to business division of TPV Technology – the largest display manufacturer in the world. PPDS is the professional team that manages the channel and end customers. With one aim: to contribute to successful achievement of business goals for end customers across the industries.

Our displays contribute to the brand image of our customers, to the messages they want to communicate, the entertainment they need to offer, the guidance they want to give to their customers or the interaction they apply. These are just some examples of what a display can do for the end customer.

Integrating displays for these purposes is not as easy as unboxing and mounting onto a wall or stand. There is a lot of organisation, logistics, testing and connections to put in place before things happen. Here you see that the ‘solution’ is created around the Philips ‘product’. And here is where the team at PPDS comes in – for our system integrators who benefit from our network of partners and their proven solutions, and for their end customers, too.

PPDS Interconnect blue

A solution from PPDS consists of five elements with the Philips display as the hero. The benefit sought is the content represented on the display. And that requires a full solution approach: PPDS Interconnect.

Starting from left to right,

1. For me the most important aspect and the key USP of PPDS: collaboration aka the relationship we have with our partners. We jointly bring the best of the best to our end customers. Together we listen to the end customer and translate their business wish into the right solution with all components of the above value chain.

2. To meet the needs of the end customer, accessories, additional hardware and/or software are connected. Our network of PPDS partners have solutions that we have certified to meet our quality standards. Hardware partners like Vogels, Logitech, Advantec and Bosch are examples of these. For software there are, for example, Netflix, Google and Android.

3. Philips has the right display for any wish or situation. From 10” till infinite LED walls in full creative, curved forms if needed.

4. In our digital era, cloud connections and license approaches are available for many services. Also, for the Philips displays cloud solutions are either created by PPDS or certified by providers as Creston and Navori.

5. Solutions that include complex software and hardware integrations make the support we offer vital. Our PPDS Academy supports the whole value chain with training and technical information and our PPDS Service team is on hand to offer local support.

In conclusion, when the wishes of end customers are formed and shaped in a perfect way, the five elements of this chain apply! Where hardware and software connect with the physical goods – the display – the partnership, knowledge and support make the difference to win the deal.

You see, even though we are living in a digital world, I believe business is and will always be between humans.''

Ron Cottaar
Marketing Director EMEA - NA


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