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Port of Zeebrugge

The Port of Zeebrugge delivers an industry-leading image with PPDS


Regarded as one of the most important ports in Europe, the Port of Zeebrugge welcomes approximately 8,000 vessels each year. Located in the municipality of Bruges, Flanders, Belgium, this multifaceted port handles inbound and outbound cargo shipments from every continent in the world – with over 40 million tonnes of goods passing through annually. More than just a maritime crossing, this North Sea port also doubles as an ultramodern logistics platform for European and intercontinental markets.


Located on the busiest sea of the world, the Port of Zeebrugge plays a crucial role in the global supply of raw material, finished products, and food distribution; as well as passenger travel. It’s one of the most prominent roll-on/roll-off ports in the world, and as such, it was imperative that this port reflects an industry leading reputation with the most impressive technological advancements.

The slim design and high brightness of the Philips X-Line was the perfect choice for creating a state-ofthe-art Videowall.
Simon Denys, Partner & COO for Ocular


To help the Port of Zeebrugge achieve its objective, Ocular and PPDS created a unique installation that delivers on both form and function. A gigantic Videowall comprising 25 Philips X-Line 55-inch displays was installed in portrait mode at the port’s cruise terminal. With this new solution, the port can now maximise engagement through a jaw-dropping display for its marketing, emergency footage, and custom content. Due to its open space, the team were also able to calibrate the displays for perfect vision in any lighting condition. Utilising Ocular’s custom software, staff can create, update, adapt and push live new content instantly and with ease to cater for their fast moving environment.



High impact display: A jaw-dropping display provides visitors with high-impact digital content in a truly larger than life form.

Custom control: Staff at the port can create, update and adapt content through Ocular’s digital signage platform, designed to work perfectly with Philips.

Ultra-narrow bezel: Virtually borderless displays provide a bigger picture without disruption to the content.

Future-proof: New features can be quickly developed and deployed remotely by Ocular as needed.


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