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Kimpton De Witt Hotel

Kimpton De Witt Hotel makes its European debut with an interactive impact


Part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), Kimpton Hotels is one of the newest, trendiest and most upmarket boutique chains within the company. Traditionally reserved for demanding luxury needs within America, the new Kimpton De Witt Hotel in Amsterdam is the first of its kind to hit Europe. Exuding a modern approach to luxury through fresh, refined rooms and imaginative spaces steeped in inspired Dutch design, the hotel is nestled in the heart of Amsterdam’s thriving city – which is renowned for its relaxed attitude and commitment to art, creativity, cultural innovations and freedom of expression.


As the chain’s first European hotel ever, all eyes were on the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam Hotel. Maintaining its luxurious boutique approach in the cultural hub of the Netherlands wasn’t going to be an easy job. With fierce competition by other hotels and app based communal accommodation on the rise, Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam had to make a big impact before the chain can expand their operations across Europe.

The PPDS team were able to develop a complete interactive solution for us within a very short amount of time.
Hans Kleefman, Sales Director Europe of Nonius


The Crowne Plaza Amsterdam was chosen by IHG to be completely renovated and rebranded as the Kimpton De Witt. Nonius Hospitality Technology worked together with Philips Professional Displays to develop a state-of-the-art display solution that sets the hotel apart from an almost endless supply of competitors. Each room was fitted with a 49-inch display, welcoming guests from all over the world in their own preferred language. What’s more, guests can enjoy a taste of home with three TV channels in their room streaming popular programming from their home country as well as regular satellite programming. Guest room TV units can also be customised to accommodate business and event scheduling for a truly personal touch.


Direct communication streams: Guests and hotel staff can contact each other directly via the interactive in-room displays. Communication can be made in their preferred language, breaking any barriers that global travellers often encounter.

Easy content updates: Content can be instantly updated by the hotel staff. Events, promotions and city information can be pushed directly to the entire fleet of TVs or to specific rooms.

Chromecast connectivity: Empowering guests to determine the content they experience on the big screen, every TV in the room is fitted with Chromecast connectivity. With this ‘bring your own device’ feature, guests can enjoy all the content from their smartphones and tablets easily and without restriction.

Ultra-quick and easy deployment: PPDS provided ultra-quick deployment and installation, allowing the hotel to be set up and ready to go in breakthrough time.

Affordable solution: Working within budget to fit out almost 300 rooms, Philips Professional Display created a custom solution that delivered the required interactive features in the most costeffective way.

Customisable TV channels: Individual rooms feature native TV channels based on each guest’s country of origin (as well as standard satellite programming) – adding an extra touch of home comfort to each room. Company logos and agendas can also be added for business guests.

Property Management System integration: Guest room TVs are connected to the hotel’s Property Management System for complete control and transparency of guest requirements. More features can be added as they become available with ease.


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