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DoubleTree by Hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton Turin excites its guests with PPDS


Raising the game in the world of luxury accommodation, the Double Tree by Hilton chose the former FIAT factory in Turin for its Lingotto hotel. Designed by celebrated architect, Renzo Piano, this city landmark maintains its original architecture with unique high ceilings, large windows, and famous rooftop test track that was featured in the film, The Italian Job. Situated in the industrious and innovative district of Turin – known for its cars, cinema and chocolates – hotel guests are just a stone throws away from the city’s historical attractions, boutique stores, cafes and shopping centre. With 141 guest rooms, a presidential suite, fine dining restaurants, bar and a meeting facility for up to 200 people, the Double Tree by Hilton Turin Lingotto is the perfect spot for those that appreciate life’s finer details.


A name that’s synonymous with indulgence, the Double Tree by Hilton Turin Lingotto spares no detail when it comes to its highend luxury finishes. With its warm, personal service from the hotel staff, welcoming rooms and ultra-comfortable details, guests can only expect the best during their stay. While the building had already been transformed from a car factory to a hotel by a previous competitor, the team from the Double Tree by Hilton refitted the hotel with upgraded amenities to reach their standard. To match this level, all the TVs in the hotel required an upgrade to premium-grade sets that are functional, future-proof and delightful to use.

The implementation of the new Philips TV solution was exactly what we needed to meet the high standards of our hotel.
Andrea Iaccarino - IT Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton Turin Lingotto


Transforming the challenge into an opportunity, Kemcomm teamed up with PPDS to upgrade all the screens in the Double Tree by Hilton Turin Lingotto. High-end aesthetic Smart TVs were fitted throughout the hotel’s guestrooms, meeting rooms, bar, gym and lobby. Ambilight models were strategically placed to enhance the overall ambiance of the hotel, giving guests a truly relaxing feel during their stay. A central management system now allows hotel staff to push promotions, communications and custom messaging to guests easily and efficiently. Out-of-door displays were also fitted to direct guests to meeting rooms and facilities. All this resulted in positive survey scores from guests regarding their stay.


Easy content updates: Custom content creation through the CMND & Create tool allows hotel staff to push promotions, city information and messaging to screens throughout the hotel.

High-end aesthetic: Kemcomm integrated Philips Ambilight TVs throughout the hotel for a unique guest experience that brings perfect ambient lighting to each room.

Remote upgrades: Kemcomm can send software updates remotely to ensure each device is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features. Software upgrades are instant, and can be directed to the entire fleet or selected sectors.

Out-of-door displays: Meeting rooms and facilities are connected to customisable out-of-door screens for dynamic signage.

Android: Built-in Android opens up an exciting world of possibilities with easy access to apps, content and games.


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