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Cines Renoir

Cines Renoir digitises its cinema experience with PPDS


Devoted to the days when cinematic charm went far beyond the silver screen, Cines Renoir has been showing independent films in their original language since 1986. Opening its first cinema in Madrid, the brand has become a true success story with a strong reputation for its arts, education and of course, entertainment. Today, Cines Renoir has five boutique cinemas in both Madrid and Barcelona.


Even nostalgic charm needs an update. Whilst Cines Renoir takes pride in its specialist selection of independent films, modern advancements have opened new ways to communicate important information. Old school posters made from paper have become a thing of the past, and a need for a new digital solution was now in place. This solution needed to be tailored perfectly to work with the existing infrastructure and space available, whilst also being seamless enough to be updated without further human intervention.

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Philips delivered exactly what we needed with perfect picture quality and versatile connectivity.
Jorge Luna, Founder & Managing Director, Luk Hiar


Cines Renoir appointed Luk Hiar and PPDS to help make the transformation. Together, they replaced all traditional signage across four cinema locations with state-of-the-art digital technology. As a result, film announcements have broken free from static posters and come to life in high-definition video displayed in beautifully vibrant colours. Showtime scheduling was also updated to a modern digital format that is clearer for guests and easier to manage by staff. The entire fleet of displays are linked to a central content management system for automated remote updates from the cinema’s head office – resulting in smoother daily operations across the wider team.


Custom integration: Custom CMS allows for automatic content updates in real-time covering consumer pricing, products/offers, and film screening times in each cinema.

Multifunctional solution: Displays are used for movie trailers, refreshment bar menus, and custom content.

Paperless communication: Digital signage replaced all paper communication including posters and promos – ensuring a modern space that is better for the environment.

Future-proof solution: New features to the fleet of displays can be quickly and easily added by Luk Hiar through versatile software solutions.

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