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Casting with security conscious connections in B2B settings

Did you know that data privacy could be compromised for people using external casting dongles on displays in multiple user settings, such as hotel guest rooms?

Data security. As we continue our journey into an ever more digital world, the detail we need to plug in to digital platforms continues to grow. And as consumers we are becoming more and more used to sharing that information and to trusting that it will be secure.

Imagine a situation in which, when we leave a venue, our log in details are available for the next person to use the TV to see. Or a situation in which you’re a guest in a hotel room and the in-room TV springs to life with YouTube content in the middle of the night, accidentally cast there from afar by a past guest whose device is still linked to the same TV. It doesn’t sound very secure…for either person!

Casting content in the B2B environment

Most of the apps and systems we use do have data security central to their development. Sometimes, though, these hard-worked-for security guards can be unintentionally compromised, especially if workaround solutions to bring home-from-home experiences into commercial settings are applied when technology, such as an external, plug-in dongle, is integrated.

The casting dongles we use day-to-day at home, to share content from our connected devices onto non-connected TVs are certainly a great innovation. We all love them. Developed for consumers, rather than businesses, though, they don’t all cater for the security of multiple and very unique users in commercial settings.

Since YouTube’s update in late 2021, users can choose to sign in when they cast onto the TV, bringing them a better, bigger screen experience. But this also adds their data directly onto the dongle, with the very real prospect of unintentionally leaving it there.

This isn’t an issue for all professional TVs, though, and Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs are designed with Chromecast built-in. Allowing security protocols to be built-in, too.

Chromecast built-in to Philips professional displays

Chromecast technology – built-in as standard with Philips MediaSuite TVs – enables instant, secure, wireless casting of movies, presentations and more from smart devices, such as mobiles, laptops and tablets, in up to 4K resolution.

A cost-effective solution with no need for peripheral technologies and no risk of theft, Chromecast built-in is secure for professional use. Users simply tap the Chromecast icon on their smart device to start streaming content from thousands of cast-enabled apps, and their smart device becomes the remote.

Better still, with Chromecast built-in on the Philips MediaSuite, data security is also catered for, with users automatically logged out, and their information deleted, as soon as they check-out.

Check out Chromecast built-in on Philips MediaSuite TVs for yourself here, or check in with your local PPDS sales manager to learn more today.


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