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Bergen Airport

Duty Free sales take off at Bergen Airport thanks to PPDS


Hosting one of the busiest aviation routes in Europe, Norway’s Bergen Airport helps over 6 million passengers get to where they need to be each year. First opened in 1955, the airport has received a new expansion terminal for its growing demand of international and domestic flights.


With the expansion of Norway’s second largest airport, it was imperative that the newly added terminal made the perfect impression for its perpetual flow of passengers. A newly opened duty free store within the new sector was added to help cover the high cost of operations. To entice customers to shop, a promotional solution was needed to influence customers to visit the store.

Philips delivered the perfect mix of functionality, price and reliability for our high-end installation.
Pål Sigvaldsen, Sales Manager and Co-owner, 3C Technology


To ensure that the new Duty Free store at Bergen Airport met its sales targets, 3C Technology teamed up with PPDS to design and implement an innovative promotional display. Together, a custom-built 16-screen videowall was strategically positioned at the bottom of the arrivals escalator. With a restrictive physical space, the 55-inch screens were masterfully arranged in a 2x8 format to form an over-sized high-brightness curved display for maximum impact. This resulted in an immediate increase in sales for the duty free store with offers, local guide content and promotions being pushed instantly by the duty free store operators.


Maximum reliability: Robust performance means screens can be kept on 24/7 without complications.

High brightness: Perfect display brightness levels of 700 nits attracts attention whilst remaining comfortable on the eye.

Energy efficient: Low energy consumption screens reduce operational costs to maximise profits.

Cinema screen aspect ratio: A 16x9 aspect ratio allows content to be displayed without compromising image resolution.

Multifunctional solution: Product promotions and local guide information can be updated and pushed across the entire display or on selected screens.

Futureproof design: New features can be added by 3C Technology as new needs arise.

Ultra-quick and easy deployment: The custom set-up was devised and installed in under a week.


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