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BELvue museum curates a modern look at Belgian history


Located in the heart of Brussels, the BELvue is both a museum of Belgium and its history, as well as a centre for democracy. Originally a 17th-century hotel, it now houses a theme-based approach for visitors to learn about Belgium, its history, its social-economic development and the working of its institutions. With a focus on teaching younger audiences, seven social themes are addressed in its rooms, comprising; democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language and Europe.


As a historic museum in Brussels, the challenge was to find a way to attract, engage and excite an ever-demanding audience. And with exhibits dating as far back as 1830, the BELvue museum needed to find a way to keep its younger visitors wanting to explore its masterfully planned themes and rooms to gain a richer understanding of Belgian history.

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With our new Philips set up, we have been able to make history attractive in the BELvue museum.
Rik Jacques – CEO of Piece Montée


In 2016, BELvue museum partnered with Ocular and Pièce Montée to install an interactive exhibition that would captivate its audience regardless of their age. With a vibrant mix of researchers, graphic artists, art connoisseurs and designers working toward the same goal, they worked with the team at Philips Professional Displays to renew the museum as an innovative concept with a thematic focus, instead of the traditional chronological approach. Each room in the museum now houses an interactive display that engages its audience with its theme, presenting images and sound recordings for heightened learning.


Informative display panels:
Visitors of the BELvue museum are able to interact with the different exhibits via an intricate arrangement of Philips touch screens. These screens can cater for various guests from all over the world by allowing them to select their preferred language of the content.

Central control: The Philips Professional Displays set up is easily updateable by staff of the museum, to cater for new exhibits and additions to existing exhibits. Updates can be pushed to one screen or many, saving time and providing a simple to use solution.

Interactive touch screens: Philips displays are used throughout the museum as interactive learning stations. By providing visitors with hands-on content, the audience can learn more about each theme while being directly engaged with unique experiences. This far exceeds the excitement levels of traditional static tablets and brochures.

Colour calibration: On screen colour calibration is easily adjusted to enhance image quality in various lighting environments, ensuring that the content stands out, is easily seen and engaging for its audience.


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