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Shaping everything we do

Flexible and agile. Creatively stylish. The PPDS brand brings together our purpose, our values and our vision, shaping our culture across the world.


Customer intimacy

Total solutions

Vision for life

A vision for tomorrow, today

PPDS stands for the new. For the digital. And for connecting today’s people into the technology of tomorrow.

Employing all of our values, at PPDS our people are working as one to empower businesses to enjoy vision innovation without boundaries.


Bringing our values to business

An evolving organisation, we regularly review and refresh our values and our understanding of them.

Progressive. Human. Versatile. Creative. Working with a fluid mix of all of these, we are powering evolution. Enabling our customers and helping bring their ideas to life.

We strive to inspire our customers to push through the boundaries of the traditional digital display. To create and deploy new ideas that they didn’t know were even possible.

Our versatility and agility are alive in everything we do, and they’re clearly visible across our brand –even in our logo, with the ability to flex to its surroundings almost effortlessly. Simple, yet dynamic.


Living our mission

Fulfilling our purpose, we make it our mission to be the preferred business vision partner for our customers by continuously delivering outstanding design, high quality products and services and an exceptional user experience.

Fulfilling our promise

We bring our vision, mission and values together through our constisent ways of working: Leadership We lead by example, with passion. Our decision making is transparent and informed by feedback and ideas. We set clear, realistic goals and we focus, inspire and motivate our business partners, as well as ourselves, to achieve exceptional results. Partners in business We build long-term, trusted, and valuable relationships with our people, business partners and customers. Our collaboration is always based on reliability, integrity and respect. We stand next to our channel customers as partners in business. Creativity We innovate by creating new sources of value and identifying opportunities that exploit the intersection of business, marketing and technology. We operate openly, enabling people and technologies to challenge and break through barriers to deliver display solutions for the future. Teamwork We incorporate and celebrate individual strengths to create competent, high performing teams. We set ambitious expectations for all team members and provide professional development opportunities to fulfill objectives and personal goals.


PPDS is here


Ron Cottaar

We don’t just create technology, we innovate to create new experiences. So we can share our stories to break down barriers, inspire and create the future, today.

Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director PPDS.

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