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Desk booking solution

Your recommended solution is ready. Combine the Philips T-Line 43”/55” Touchscreen Display with a desk booking solution to keep the focus on business objectives.


It is time to solve the following concerns within your corporate space:

You have the feeling your office is half empty?

You’re looking for social distance and hygienic proof solutions for safer days at the office?

How do you get your employees back to the office safely (since Covid-19)?

How do you manage the maximum number of people at the office / per department?

We’ve tailored the perfect solution for you, including all the hardware and software you need from Philips and our preferred partners. Your recommendation is listed below. Want more info? Get in touch, we’re always happy to help.


Philips T-Line 43”/55” Touchscreen Display combined with GoBright solutions


your office capacity


operational costs


an inspiring office experience

Philips T-Line 43” / 55” Touchscreen Displays

Engaging multi-touch display

Inspire collaboration. Deliver information. This Philips T-Line 43-inch and 55-inch Touchscreen Displays are ideal for multi-touch and multi-user applications—from desk booking to wayfinding or room booking. Up to 10 touch points can be active at once.

Effortless setup and total control

Superb picture with a responsive touchscreen

Versatile system solution

T-Line Kiosk

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